What was I thinking Friday...

Well hello sunshine, and HELLO FRIDAY!  It took you look enough to get here…  This week has been a blur, just like the entire month of March…  The kiddos have had running noses, been sneezing and coughing all week.  The little girl did give her mama & daddy one night of restful sleep.  To bad mama didn’t get to fully enjoy it, due to mama having a running nose, sore throat and horrible cough!  Great week, I know…  The important thing is we are all alive and healthy for the most part!


I’m getting ready to vent a little…  Because I am a female, and we all know females are the best at complaining and whining.  Or so that is what the guys say.  But don't even get me started on that!  Anyways, onto why I’m going to vent...

Dear Blue Accent Hyundai,

Please do not get on the tollway and go 55 mph, take the service road, since that is the speed limit on the service road.  On the tollway, we drive 80-90 mph, sometimes faster, depending on where I need to be, and who is in the car with me.  Please stay out of my way, if you see me again on the tollway.  Next time, I won’t be so nice.  Thanks, and have a fabulous day!  xoxo, meJ

Seriously people, if you can’t keep up with the big boys, then stay on the kiddie road.  It drives me crazy, when people will get on the toll road, drive in the far left lane or the middle lane, and slow traffic down. 
So, moving on to “What was I thinking Friday”…  Here are my fabulous moments of the week, that I would like to forget about…

  •   Taking 75 pictures of your kiddos, to only realize your camera was on the wrong setting and all the photos came out grainy!  This happened on Saturday, and I’m still really bitter about this!
  •   Waking up late for work, because you turned your alarm off, instead of hitting snooze!
  •   Thinking you grabbed the shampoo, when it was really the conditioner…  Yeah, my hair is really soft, but oh so flat!
  •   Putting dish soap in the dishwasher…  Not a smart move.  Once I realized what I had done, I cleaned my mess up, and left it for husband at that point.  I don’t need a house full of suds…
  •   Sending an email to a customer, stating "that should be a problem"…  When I really meant, "that shouldn’t be a problem."  Talk about BIG confusion!  Not to mention, you really don’t want to tell a customer "that should be a problem."
  •   Going to brush your teeth, and turning on the pro tooth brush before you get it in your mouth…  Yeah, toothpaste in your eye, doesn’t feel good at all…  You have been informed!
  •   Telling someone the other day I was 30, and being serious about it too.  To only spend the next 30 minutes, trying to figure out how old I truly am, which isn’t 30…  Seriously!
So, how has your week been?  Do you have any “what was I thinking” moments you would love to share, or just get off your chest?  I would love to hear them.  I would like to know that I’m not alone, going about each day more than half a sleep, and in a zombie state 95% of the time…  Yes people, this is reality!

Last night we took the kiddos to Gattitown for a fundraiser that M’s school was doing.  It was a nice evening, M got to do his own thing, which he is all about these days!  Is my kid two, or going on 16?  Just curious, with this whole not listening thing he has going on lately…  We also wasted $20 on a game card, that wasn’t needed.  M couldn’t stay put long enough to play one game.  So we would slide the card thinking, oh M is interested and then he would run off onto something new, and we would slide the card again, BECAUSE WE ARE SUCKERS, and obviously we didn't get it, after this happened 10 times! What are we, first time parents are something!?!  So, we ended up letting other kids finish our games, yeah they thought we were AWESOME.  Because we ARE dude!     

So, I’m glad it is Friday, and bet you are too!  Have a drink for me if you are out, but please remember to drink responsibly…  Not sure what we will be doing this weekend, probably the same as last weekend, LAUNDRY, because I have a ton of it to do!  Not to mention a dirty house, that could use some serious love.  Cheers to a fabulous weekend!  And hopefully two kiddos that aren't sick, thankyousoverymuch!

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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  1. I love all your What Was I Thinking Moments! I too did that with grainy photos the other day and was soooo angry. Hope you all have a fab weekend and your kiddos get well soon :)


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