A lovely Easter Sunday...

Hello Monday, goodbye Monday!  I need a vacation from the busy weekend we had.  It was a great weekend, but it left this mama very exhausted!  And then I had to jump right into a busy week at work.  What happen to having an actual break!?!  I need a vacation, a vacation from life itself, to sleep…  I want to go hibernate somewhere, yes I really do.  I have had the hardest time today, keeping my eyes open.  This weather doesn’t help anything either.  Thunder, lightening and rain just make me want to crawl under my covers, and snuggle down in my bed, that is oh so very comfy, and have my kitty girl curl up beside me, to drift off into dreamland…  Doesn’t that sound lovely!?!

Are you tired of me, telling you how tired I am…?  Well I’m tired of telling you how tired I am, so I will move on, to the two little stinkers that make me tired…

Yesterday we went over to the in-laws for Easter lunch, and an egg hunt for the kiddos.  It was a nice day, but a little hot for an Easter Sunday, if you ask me!  All the kiddos had fun getting to hunt for eggs, and see what goodies where hidden inside.  Since I don’t really believe in my kiddos eating sweets, our plastic eggs were filled with stickers, and a few other little goodies I found in the party section at the store.  Which I can’t speak for the other kids, but my baby boy loved what he found in each egg!  I know, because we have stickers everywhere.  Now I’m having to try and keep them out of the mouth of my very active 9 month old.

Meet the Constantine kids…  All I have to say, we (the grown ups) are all in trouble!
***There was one little Constantine missing yesterday...  Poor sweet Caroline, I sure hope she is doing better!

Our family keeps growing, there is a total of 7 kiddos, 5 and under.  And trying to get a picture of all them, actually looking in the same direction, smiling, and being still is a major challenge!  I look forward to our holiday pictures every year, NOT! 

Our attempt at getting pictures taking with our kiddos on Easter…

We keep things very casual on Easter...  When you are on the ground chasing a 9 month old, and rolling around with a 2 year old, I don't want to be in a dress...  Outfits need to be very infant and toddler friendly, and  90 degree weather comfortable.  I'm not going for chic at all!

This was my little angel's 1st Easter, and she had fun getting to play in the grass, and pretend that she was hunting eggs.  She was really picking grass, and trying to eat it.  Sweet girl, I love you!  Your mama thinks you are the most precious baby girl ever!


My sweet little man would say “MINE” every time he found an egg.  He is/was so cute!  Baby boy, you make mama so happy.  You’re my funny little man!  Baby boy, I love you!

The day wouldn't be complete without this...


Baby girl and her meltdowns, gotta love em…  As always, daddy to rescue…

We truly did have a great Easter weekend!  Now, I'm ready for bed, so I can try to get some much needed rest. 

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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