My love for Target...

I seriously have a love/hate relationship with Target…  I love all of your stuff, but I hate that I can’t walk out of your store without spending a small fortune…  Which given my shopping history, what I spend at Target is a drop in the bucket compared to what I use to spend, so I feel better now, when I look at it that way.  Same place and time tomorrow, I will bring my piece of plastic, if you promise to have goodies to fill my basket, muah!  I love when we can makeup, it makes me feel all giddy inside!

So, yes I went to Target today, and was on a mission, but as it always happens, I got side tracked.  Those darn kids, they eat away at my spending fund, that I don’t really have.  But it makes it sound so much better, doesn’t it, kinda like an allowance.  I work hard, and feel that every now and then, okay more like everyday, I should be rewarded for my hard work.  Sometimes it’s going to lunch with a girlfriend, running by sonic to get my favorite drink, or going shopping and then feeling guilty about it until you put on your new outfit and the husband tells you that you are beautiful…  Then you fall to a million pieces, and get all sappy with one another…

Okay, enough about that moving on...  

Hey M, whatcha doing?


Oh I see, you are putting my oven mitts on your feet, awesome… How clever are you!?!  You sure do crack your mama up!  I sure do love you, it is never a dull moment when you are around.  I’m so glad you are feeling better!

Someone else is feeling better too...


Baby girl, mama misses our nighttime routine!  I’m glad you are feeling better too!  And I’m glad that you are getting better and putting yourself to sleep. I love you sweet angel!

I'm one tired mama, so I'm calling it a night...  See ya when I see ya, wouldn't want to be ya...


xoxo, Shanna

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