What was I thinking Friday...

I can’t believe how windy it was today…  I met up with the husband and kiddos for lunch, and thought I was going to blow away, when I got out of my car…  Luckily for me, I’ve packed on a few extra pounds in my thighs and rear, to help keep me grounded!   And I packed on a few more at lunch, for extra support so the 40 mph winds wouldn’t be able to carry me away…  I love me some food, and apparently it loves me too, since it has decided to stay camped out in certain areas.

Yesterday was a rough day for my little man.  We woke up to M & one of our dogs getting sick, followed by A getting sick.  I think A just throw up, because she didn’t want to be left out of the party!  The little man had a fever all day, and woke up with a low grade fever this morning.  But at lunch today, he was doing a lot better.  I hate when my babies are sick, but I do enjoy the cuddle time that I get.  My little man doesn’t like to cuddle that much, unless it is bedtime, then you might get a little cuddle time.  Baby boy is growing up, and doesn’t want to be bothered by mama wanting to snuggle.


My little angel kept the neighborhood up last night with her screaming for about 40-45 minutes.  I’m serious, she was screaming so loud you could hear her across the street!  I was hoping last night would be a little easier, but it was worse, she wasn’t happy camper at all.  At least she is doing better with her naps, she only cries for about 10 minutes when the husband puts her down.  I guess he might have to start putting her to bed too.  I’m truly not okay with all of this.  My favorite part of the day, is cuddle time with my babies.  I enjoy getting my little girl, taking her into the bedroom, rocking her while kissing her forehead, and telling her how beautiful she is and how much I love her.  Then we both pass out and sleep for about 30-45 minutes until the husband comes in and takes her to bed.   I want to be able to hold on to her being a baby as long as I can.  


It appears we have another busy weekend, full of family and friends!  My Aunt & Uncle are coming over in the morning, then we have a birthday party tomorrow afternoon, and then we might go out to the lake for hamburgers with the family on Sunday.  Shaping up to be another fun filled weekend!

My week wouldn't be complete, if I didn't poke a little fun at myself, and share with you my “what was I thinking” moments of the week…
  •   Getting lost on your way to a wedding…  The bad part about this, because anyone can get lost, we had written directions and our iPad with us that told exactly how to get there.  Not to mention, we seemed to be the only guest that got lost that day.  So, I can’t blame it on the directions that the host sent us, now can I!  I have decided to blame the husband on us getting lost and taking the wrong exit since he was driving.  Forget the part, where I told him to take the wrong exit.
  •   As we were leaving the wedding, we get halfway down the street and realize, we left the hatchback to the SUV wide open.  Again, I could blame this on the husband, but I was the last one back there, so I guess I should have shut the hatchback.  Not sure what was going on, the heat, I was tired, or the fact that we had a not so happy daughter at that point.  Luckily for us, nothing fell out.
  •   Getting a clip out of my purse the other day, putting it in my mouth so I wouldn’t forget where it was while I pulled my hair back, to then look at my husband and ask where did I put my clip, with the clip still in my mouth.  It took me a second or two, to figure it out, SERIOUSLY!
  •   Trying to get out of the car with your seatbelt on.  It doesn’t work, you truly do have to unhook yourself before you can get out of the car.  Don't believe me, try it for yourself, and then let me know how it worked out for ya…
  •   Telling someone that the husband & I have been married for 10 years…  We have been together for 10 years, but only married 5 ½ years.

I would love to hear your “what was I thinking” moments of the week.

Happy Friday, and cheers to a fabulous weekend!

This little one is staring at me, I guess she is ready to go to bed...
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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  1. I'm so happy the little man is feeling better. The picture of him is so pitiful. The little girl sure looks happy. She sure has fun. Chloe certainly took a good picture, she's so pretty. And omg, you certainly have some rely funny "What was I thinking" moments. It's almost like a Lucy and Ethel moment, only minus Ethel. We love y'all. Goodnight!


    Auntie Pat


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