9 Months...

This little one is 9 months old today…

And as you can see, she is a mess… 


Little girl, you are such a joy to watch!  Nothing is off limits to you!
What are you currently up to:
·       Sweet girl, you are such a picky eater!  You still love your prunes! This past month you have decided that you like turkey with sweet potatoes, bananas with mixed berries, apple and prunes, apricot with mixed fruit, macaroni and cheese, squash with corn and sweet potatoes with corn.   You still won’t eat anything green.  At the moment you are still eating, plain bananas, pears, apple strawberry banana sauce, carrots, squash and sweet potatoes.  We have continued trying to give you some finger snacks, but you still don’t seem sure what to do with them.  But you did seem to do okay with the mash potatoes that you had the other day.
·      Still won’t drink water!  The doctor did tell us to give you some pear & prune juice (this is to get her bowels moving) and you will drink an ounce or so at a time.
·     You are cruising, and able to use a walker to get a across the room.
·    You are able to stand on your own for more than a minute or so before you fall down.
·      You love bouncing up & down!
·    You love to dance!
·      You’re still wearing some 3, 6 and 6-9 month clothes, but are moving into 9 months.  You’re still pretty thin, but you have definitely had a growth spurt.
·     You have cut two more teeth.  So you have your two bottom & top teeth now.  And teething hasn’t been easy, at all for you.
·      Riding in the car has gotten much easier, thank you for that!
·       Sleep, what is that!?!   You don’t seem to need sleep, and I guess think no one else needs it either.  It is safe to say, everyone in this house, will be glad when you start sleeping through the night, sweet girl… 
·      You enjoy pulling and climbing all over your bubba...  But he isn’t that crazy about you pulling and climbing all over him…
·       Your facial expressions say it all!
·      We have gotten you on somewhat of schedule during the day, or so it seems that we have something that works, to keep you from getting so upset.
·        You are still rocking out the dada!  And the only time you are still saying mama, is if you are crying, mad or hungry…  You are blabbing a lot, and a couple of times it has sounded like you have said Hi. 
·       We can’t believe how determined you are.  If you want something, you will do what it takes to get it.
·    You are chewing on everything, including your feet...  You love your feet, and you don't just stop with your feet, you have decided you like mama's feet too...          
·    You love going to the park, and getting to swing…
·    And pretty much, you love being outside…
·    We finally found a sippy cup that you will drink out of, so yay for that!
·    Are able to walk, holding onto mama or dada’s hand.
·    And you are the fastest crawler in town!
·    Girl, you can make someone dizzy when you get to shaking your head no…  And you think it is so funny!
·    You have developed a little stranger anxiety…
·    And you are so fascinated with paper…
·    You don’t like to be in your highchair…
·    And you think that everyone is here to entertain you!
·    You can now wave Hi, which is so cute to watch you do…  Mama thinks it is a game, and likes to play it often…
·    And someone has discovered peek-a-boo…


Sweet angel, you are such a blessing!  And I love watching you, everything peaks of interest to you.  I can’t believe another month as passed.  In three months, we will be celebrating the day we brought you into this world…  It goes by way too fast!  But we are trying to make every minute count, and you truly are!

We love you sweet angel!  

xoxo, Shanna


  1. Happy 9 months little angel. Your accomplishments are never-ending sweet baby girl. I see you love your rocking chair and you look so precious sitting in it and everything else you do with it. Have a great day honey and give bubba kisses from us. We love y'all.


  2. she is such a cute little doll! I love it when they reach new milestones. Happy 9 months baby girl!


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