And he is done...

It has been confirmed…
 photo 322dfb39-eb27-43cb-9030-f35adfad550e.jpg
This baby little boy of mine is graduating from his speech class on Wednesday!  We are so excited, happy and proud!  He wasn’t suppose to been done with his speech class until next school year, but since he doing so well, his teacher is making his last day this Wednesday!

We also met with his other teacher at the church today, she also confirmed how great M is doing, and how much he has grown this year.  Last year he was so shy, quiet, and preferred to play by himself.  This year, he has become a little boy that loves playing with other kids, getting dirty, being loud & silly, and just being an ornery little boy.
 photo 71d0944a-4625-411f-8e3d-6f697eb813f9.jpg

I know you aren’t a baby anymore (you point it out everyday), but you will always be my baby boy, and I am very, VERY, very proud of you!  Keep up the good work, I am excited to see what is to come!  I know great things are in store for you!  Now, stop with all the 20 questions that momma can’t answer. 

xoxo, Shanna


A little paint never hurt anyone...

As of this morning, I had gotten (if lucky) two hours of sleep in the last 36 hours… 
 photo 50805a19-de00-446c-9c87-de714fd84ca3.jpg
Today I have walked around like a zombie, afraid to look outside.  It has been a hang around the house kinda day.  My sweet angel has been up the past two nights.  I should have known the first night that she was up, that she was getting sick.  She started running a fever late yesterday, and last night she spent most of the night crying and not being able to get comfortable.  My husband did let me take a two hour nap today; to rest up for what I predict will be another long night.  With the way she has been acting this afternoon, you can't even look at her, without her screaming and crying.  I sure hope I'm wrong, and my baby girl gets a good night's rest...
  So, what do you do when your brain doesn’t work…  You forget that you have an A-Type personality, and let the kids make a mess. photo cc612b97-cdd8-41f0-8057-f01ccd846c1f.jpg

 photo c9351061-5815-4d58-b2d9-a6fd55890082.jpg photo 56eb4e6b-cb1c-4123-b862-fdade16fbebe.jpgYeah, I normally run from anything that I know is going to make a mess, besides my two kiddos.  My son has been asking for the past few days to paint, and for whatever reason this morning I decided to give in. 
 photo 430c0740-aa54-4330-a96d-cb6254f8cf90.jpg
I have to say, this was the first time all weekend that these two actually got along and played nice.  For a moment I thought we should do this every day, if it will give me 30-45 minutes of peace and quiet, and then the paint hit the floor, and I freaked.
 photo 3acb6f49-f4bf-40b7-8ee7-ed1106f2fd5d.jpg
 Thank you little ones, for letting me join you in the hand painting today!
 photo 5a6a8a8b-cdda-4bb7-9806-ab2cdaf586d8.jpg
 Happy Sunday Funday, it is a gorgeous day out!  Hopefully tomorrow my little girl will feel better so we can enjoy the sun! 

xoxo, Shanna 


I think I missed that memo...

The once quiet child of mine has really come out of his shell…

 photo bb3fdcf7-6b72-4e72-9475-1f7b6d32e57f.jpg

 Not only is he quite silly these days, he also has learned he has a voice, and what a loud one it is when he is yelling at me, his sister or his daddy...  I guess I missed the memo that it is acceptable to yell at your mother.  Last time I checked, I carried you for 9 8 months, and pushed you out.  Let’s try to be a little nicer, okay…  Thank you!  

  The other night, I was pretty much at my breaking point between him yelling at me, that he didn’t want too _________ (you can fill in the blank), and my daughter hitting & throwing everything in sight.  I decided we were going to have some rules put in place, and if one or all were broken, you would have to go to time out.  Can you guess what the first rule was!?!  I have to say, since the other night, things have gotten a little better.  We shall see how long this last, he is pretty smart, so I am sure he will find a way around the rules, as he does with everything else. 

 photo 64d50992-bb57-48d2-885c-80b8264f3d4e.jpg
 One afternoon a few weeks ago, I decided to go up to Sonic before we ran some errands.  I was talking to a young girl, and out of nowhere my son throws a toy at my head, as I turn to look at him, he yells “I was talking to you!”  Really, and in what universe did you ever think that was okay!?!  Again, I must have missed a memo here...  Because I was pretty confused at what had just happened.  I'm sure the young girl wanted to laugh, but when she saw the shocked look on my face she knew I didn't think it was funny.  

  Good times and I am sure it is only going to get better over the next 15 years!  Welcome to motherhood!  

Ornery little man, I sure do love you!  And I know, you love me too!  But can we please play nice, and no more throwing things at your mother!

xoxo, Shanna 


Why hello there...

I can’t believe it has almost been a year since I have posted a blog.  Things got kinda hectic last year around this time, physically and emotionally.  I’m in such a better place, than I was a year ago.  I went through with the surgery last summer, to help with my RSD, for those of you that followed my blog.  I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner to be honest.  The recovery period was hard, but things are getting better every day.

 photo e0b9c678-49ea-4ebf-a100-f3ab43d1ea62.jpg

 photo 08351421-1c48-406c-9356-07cd894cf3f0.jpgMy kiddos are growing like crazy; my daughter is going to be THREE in July.
 I just made the reservation this evening for her swim party, princess theme of course.  The boys are going to love that, as we have more boys invited to the party than girls!  She is excited, and so am I.  But I have to say, the birthdays are going to be hard this year.  My baby boy is going to be FIVE in November. photo c4054397-d6d6-4560-8e0b-76969356c4f7.jpg  Not ready to have a FIVE year old!  How is it possible to have an almost three year old and five year old!?!  I want to stop the clock and rewind it by two years.  My little man weights so much know, I seriously am waiting for my back to go out, each time I have to pick him up, I sound like I am going into labor each time.  He is solid, my little line backer!

 photo 17cb828c-f2a8-4a51-ae39-0806733a619d.jpgA lot has happened over the past year, as I mentioned I had surgery (2 as a matter of fact, along with a trial surgery), got laid off from the company I had been with since I was 21, found a new job that I quit back in April, and now I am enjoying being home with the kiddos every day.  This is where I am suppose to be, I know it has been stressful on my husband, as he is carrying the full load of supporting our household, and for that I am so thankful.  This is truly the happiest I have been in a long time!  As I am learning that being a stay at home mom isn’t easy, and does have its moments, it is the most important and rewarding job I have ever had!

As we all know, life goes by way too fast, and we aren’t promised tomorrow, so I want to make sure that I’m with my babies every day, and they understand that each day is a gift that should be treasured.  As I’m sitting here, I am listening to both of my kids fight over who is going to pickup what, and arguing over what box the trains go into, along with M just hit me, no A hit me....  They argue over the color of the sky, one says it is blue while the other says it’s purple.  But even in these moments, I take a deep breath count to ten, and count the many blessings I have in my life! 

 photo 3b8140f8-a220-4e1d-8ec2-6e4fe1e87594.jpg

Hopefully I will be able to get back into blogging; I need a place to capture how fast these two little ones are growing!  Hard to believe how much they have changed!
xoxo, Shanna