She has broken us...

Today was A’s first day at school, and I have to say, I’m shocked the little girl did so well!  I just knew that she was going to scream & cry when her daddy dropped her off, but he said that she really didn’t…  I’m sure since she goes with daddy to drop M off that probably helped a little, since she see’s all the teachers each week.  She got a note sent home, letting us know it was a good 1st day!  Mama likes getting notes like this from the teachers.  I'm taking full advantage of these notes, because later these probably won’t be the kind of notes I will be getting!


Today was also A’s 9 month checkup, and the girl has grown 2” inches.  She is now 27.5” long, and weighs 17.4lbs.  She only gained a little over a pound, in three months.  But the doctor did info the husband that “she has broken us”!  Meaning that she is now waking up to eat in the middle of the night, which I already knew that.  But it has been hard to break.  And it is getting ready to get even harder, the doctor instructed us to let her cry it out.  He said it was fine if she did cry for 45 or 50 minutes…  Really, that is going to drive me insane, having to listen to my daughter scream and cry for that long.  I normally let her cry for about 15 minutes before I go in and try to get her back to bed.  I do try getting her back to bed, before I offer her a bottle.  But, I guess no more of that!  Wish us luck, the next couple of nights are probably going to be pretty long, and stressful.  I didn’t have any of these problems with M.  But, being a first time mom, I did everything by the book.  With A, the book went out the window the first day she was home.  I guess this mama is going to have to bring the book back into play…


M was having a great time this evening, getting to play in his sandbox, and all the water that was left over from the storm we had yesterday…  Someone the husband, forgot to put the cover over the sandbox.  I love seeing this little man happy, even if it does mean I will end up having to given him another bath!  

The kiddos are in bed, and that is where I’m headed. 

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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