Movie night, not so much...

The cold front has moved in…  When I left work this evening, the wind had already started to pick up, and the temperature had already began to drop.  Not looking forward to the cold weather, but I’m all about a snow day, who’s with me!?!  They are already showing the school closings for tomorrow, and the sleet & snow hasn’t even happened yet.  Gotta love Texas!  But seriously, the temps are going to be in the teens, with the windchill making it feel below zero!  I think I will pass...  I can't stand to be cold, it makes my body ache!
This evening has been a pretty easy evening, which I’m thankful for!  I was so happy to get home to my little angels, and husband.  I love coming home, and getting to be greeted with love from my babies.  Everyone was in a good mood!  Usually on Mondays, everyone is usually in a grumpy mood when I get home, but not tonight.  The husband had dinner ready, and I was able to have play time with the kids.  No major meltdowns either!  Am I in the right house…? 
Yes, these are my kids, and my husband…

Photo session in my crib!  Yay!

Or not!
Daddy really, how much longer do I have to sit here…?

Daddy, do you not see the fake smiles!?!

Bubba, I love you!

I’m out of here… See ya!

Bubba, you’re not going anywhere!

Okay daddy, I will try this one more time, but on my terms and on my turf…

No more! I'm done!
We were suppose to have movie night, but this is what I found when I returned from putting A down for bed…
(my husband is probably going to kill me for posting this picture...  I love you honey!)

I guess we won’t be having movie night, tonight!  Nice thought though...  Maybe we will try again tomorrow.  I love it, we rent the movies from Redbox, because they are a dollar a night, which is great, if you watch the movie and return it that night.  But in our case, we always end up keeping the movie almost a week.  So for me, it would be easier just to rent the movie on demand, from the comforts of our home.  That way, I don't have to worry about returning a movie.

Little one, I see you…

And here we go…

(yes that is my fabulous toes)

Yep, she can know pull herself up! 
Hope everyone had a nice or somewhat nice Monday!  I'm not usually a Monday fan, but today or more like this evening has been pretty awesome! 

Mama sure does love her sweet angels!

Sweet dreams!
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna


I love naptime...

I love Sundays.  This is the only day, we get to be together as a family.  It's usually our lazy day, we normally just hang around the house, and enjoy family time, which is perfect to me.  I will say, usually on Sunday nights I do get a little grumpy, just thinking about everything that I need to get done at work the next day.  My mind seriously goes nonstop, which can be quite exhausting.  Wish it was law that we had three day weekends.  That would give the parents that do work full time jobs more time with their family.

This sweet little baby girl is seriously already trying to pull herself up!  Little one, I need you to slow down.  Can you please just enjoy crawling for about a month or two, and then learn how to pull yourself up!?!  I’m afraid that once you start pulling yourself up, that you will start walking soon after…  And I'm not ready for that at all!

Silly little girl! 

 Clap, clap, clap…  Yay!

This little one, has been on the move nonstop…
Today has been a pretty long day, the husband was sweet, and told me to go take a nap after I got M down for his nap.  It was my treat of the day, naptime. 
Both kids woke up in pretty good moods, but after an hour or so of being up, it turned into meltdown city.  And my poor baby girl has been fussy all day.  Not sure if it is her mouth that is bothering her, or if it is her tummy.  She is going to be just like her mama, and have tummy problems I believe.  Once I finally got her down for her morning nap, M & I headed outside.  The walls of the house were starting to cave in on us, and the beautiful weather isn’t going to last much longer, so we had to make the most of it. 
 Look at that sweet face!

 You’re a natural baby boy…

M & Izzy playing with the tennis ball…

Izzy was chasing M around the backyard...  

Little man going for a Sunday drive around the backyard…

M’s little best friend…  They have a love/hate relationship…
What are you two up to!?!

M whatcha doing with Izzy…?

I see, her tennis ball is in the car…  M was pushing the car, while Izzy was walking along the side, on two legs.  It was quite funny.  She wasn’t about to let her tennis ball out of sight.

We played with the chalk, working on our shapes…

 And someone, not going to point any fingers, M, took the chalk to the side of the house…  Last time I checked, that isn’t what we are suppose to do with chalk!   

After we got done playing and someone drawing on the house, it was time for lunch. 

Since we played this morning, I have spent the afternoon doing laundry and picking up the house. I know, sounds like a blast!  I can't stand doing laundry!  My sweet babies are asleep, and that is where I will be here shortly. 
Hope everyone had a nice weekend!
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna


The photographer and his model...

Bubba, are you helping sissy with her portfolio...?

Looking adorable as always sissy! 

I think sissy has something else in mind…  I know that smile, and what it means...

Bubba she is getting closer…

You better watch out…

I believe I will take this if you don’t mind…

Thanks bubba, but I will take my own photos…  Poor little man, he got his camera taken away by a 6 month old. 
This morning started pretty early.  I was hoping my kiddos would let me sleep in, but it was just wishful thinking!  The little man woke up pretty demanding this morning.  Within the first two minutes of him being up, he wanted his milk, waffle and nana (banana).  Which that's all great, but I was still trying to wake up and open my eyes, and lets just say I wasn’t moving fast enough for him.  So he started screaming, nana nana nana…  Okay, I got it!  Little turkey butt!  So we ate our breakfast and watched a little George.  That is our morning routine.   
It was another gorgeous day here in Texas!  M & I went outside to play this morning while sissy took her morning nap.  I couldn’t believe how warm it was already, and how good it felt to be out in the sun.  The little man had fun getting to play outside with the dogs.

The little man played some basketball…

 Izzy chasing M, she wanted her tennis ball…

Little man, why are you sticking your tongue out at mama!?!

Mama, I have a new game…  Let’s throw the ball over the fence, and then use the golf club to get it…  Sure, why not!

You’re such a clever little man!

Way to go little man, you got it!  We did this several times this morning…  And each time, he wanted me to clap & cheer with excitement, as if it was the first time!

I love you so much, my sweet baby boy!
My grandparents come over today, along with my Aunt & Uncle.  It was nice getting to visit with everyone.  I always enjoy the help and company on Saturdays.  After M woke up from his afternoon nap, we took the kiddos back outside, but it was little too windy for my baby girl, so she had to play inside.  My Uncle took M to the park, and according to my Uncle, M was in heaven getting to run around with the other kids.  Goal accomplished, he was wore out!
On Saturdays I usually cook dinner.  I've been trying to cook a new dish each week, but this week I didn't have time or the energy to find a new dish, so I fixed everyones favorite, tomate sauce with cream.  So here I am, fixing dinner for five, when my Aunt & Uncle tell me that they have to go and won't be able to stay for dinner, which I totally understood.  But then my husband tells me, that he isn't going to eat dinner with us either.  It was just M & I for dinner, with a dinner that would feed a small army.  I guess the upside to this is, we have dinner for tomorrow, and I will have lunch for Monday.  This dish is always better the next day anyways.  But if I would have known it was going to just be M & me for dinner, I sure wouldn't have gone through the trouble of cooking tonight.  But I will say, it was so very Y-U-M-M-Y, we both enjoyed the dish!

The kiddos are in bed, it has been a pretty active day for everyone.  I’m enjoying the peace and quiet, but my cat is looking at me, as if it is time for bed.  I guess she wants to cuddle.  Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday! 

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna


Glad it's over...

Happy Friday!  What a long week, this week has been…  I’m glad the work week is over.  I just couldn’t catch a break all week.  I couldn’t seem to stay caught up this week at work.  And that drives me crazy, when I can't seem to get a handle on things.  I'm a control freak, I need to have things done a certain way, and when things don't go as planned, I get stressed and extremely frustrated.  But it is now time for me to relax, and not worry about it.  I will start fresh on Monday, we all know how I love Mondays!  So maybe we will start fresh on Tuesday...   

But I will say, that today started off pretty nice.  My lovely husband told me I looked very pretty this morning.  Which that always makes my day, and makes me feel good, when the husband says I look pretty or that I’m beautiful.  What girl doesn’t like that!  And then, I have lost another 2.6lbs, which is awesome.  Last week when I weighed in, I had lost the same amount.  So maybe the last few pounds of baby weight are finally starting to come off.  I sure hope so.  I didn't have this much trouble losing the weight after I had M, so I don't understand why I'm having such a hard time this time around. 

This cute little precious man of my, picked his nose this morning, and ate the booger he picked out of his nose.  Baby boy, that is just gross!  And you thought it was so funny!  I know, mama probably gave you the reaction you were looking for, but seriously that was gross.  Please don't do it again, EVER!

The kiddos have had a pretty nice day.  Everything went really well this morning with the speech therapist.  Which that always makes me feel better.  I truly stress over this, and I wish I didn't.  My little man is doing great, and he enjoys getting to play and interact with his teacher.  Which I think is great.  This afternoon the husband took M & A to the park, and I was able to meet up with them after work, which I enjoyed.  The kids had a great time.  The little girl loves to swing, so daddy pushed her on the swing, while I ran around after M.  I can't believe how beautiful the weather has been the past few days!  I'm happy the kiddos have been able to get out of the house everyday this week, and enjoy the sunshine.  After we left the park, we went out for dinner.  I would rather dirty someone else's kitchen vs mine anyday.   

I finally have the peace and quiet I have longed for all day.  My precious babies are in bed, and I guess that is where I’m getting ready to be.  Tomorrow morning will be here before I know it.  But we do have company coming over, and I welcome the help.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna