Is it over yet...

It is fair to say, I’m ready for today to be over with!  It has been long, and very exhausting!  I don’t like exhausting days like today, where I have to think for everyone else, plus myself…   This evening has been full of getting on to M most of the night.  He was either pushing his sister, hitting her, or taking her toys away from her.  I felt like most of the night consisted of the following:  M stop hitting your sister, M you push your sister one more time you’re going to time-out, please don’t take your sister’s toys away from her, could you please tell your sister your sorry for all of the above!  Not to mention, he was bound and determined not to listen to anything I had to say.  Evenings like tonight are hard, I feel like I’ve been yelling nonstop at the little man.  My baby boy is finally chilling on the couch watching George, and giving me somewhat of a break.  We haven't watched George in over a month, probably two months, I’m a little shocked this is what he wanted to watch before bed.  And I can’t believe I’m getting ready to say, I’ve missed George myself.  I’ve watched enough Buzz over the last month, that I think I'm good for the next year or so!

My son has a serious obsession with blow dryers...

Last night the husband and I let the little girl cry herself back to sleep instead of going and getting her when she woke up in the middle of the night, and she cried and screamed I know for at least 45 to 50 minutes.  I mean she SCREAMED!  This is just pure torture on a parent.  I understand she needs to know how to put herself to sleep, but I can’t stand to hear her scream and cry like she did last night.  I felt helpless, and that sucked!  Tonight I did put her to bed while she was awake, and it took her 30 minutes, screaming and crying, to fall asleep.  I went in 3 or 4 times, letting her know I was here, telling her how much I love her, and finally the last time I went in, I patted her bottom for about 2-3 minutes and she fell right asleep.  I sure hope this gets easier, and doesn’t take long for her to adjust!

Hoping your day, and evening haven’t been as long and exhausting as mine has been!  If I drank, tonight would definitely be a night I would have one, or at least a nice glass of wine, but I don’t really drink, so I guess I’m SOL!


xoxo, Shanna

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