My Memories Suite v2 Giveaway...

***Giveaway is closed***

The winner is Elisse!  Thank you Elisse for commenting.  I think you will like the software!

How was your weekend?  Ours was beyond busy, but in a good way!  But it did leave me a little exhausted, but I guess that's no surprise...  

As I noted a week or so ago, I have a giveaway that will start tonight and go through Friday 11/4/11.  I wanted to get this up over the past weekend, but it just didn’t happen.  But, I have finally gotten some pages done that I can show, a little how the scrapbook software works.  I have to say, it’s pretty cool.  Not only can you put together a scrapbook, but you can also put together a calendar, video, or holiday cards.  Which is great for the holidays that are coming up.  I have enjoyed putting together our scrapbook, of our family on our first vacation as a family of four.  Thank you My Memories Suite, for asking me to do a review, and allowing me to giveaway a copy to one of my lucky readers.

For someone that hasn’t ever put together a scrapbook, I have to say the software is easy to follow and understand, and each time you dig further into what it offers you figure out new things you can do with it. 

The giveaway will start tonight, and be open until Friday 11/4/11.  If you would like to enter, we do have a few guidelines:
1.    Please leave a comment below, letting me know what your favorite memory of this year has been.

2.   If you have a blog, I would like you to leave me a link to your blog, and if you don't mind, follow my blog. If you don’t have a blog, please leave a way for me to get in touch with you.

3.   If you could also please visit www.MyMemories.com and choose your favorite digital paper pack or layout, then comment on my blog telling me which ones you chose.

4.   Please only comment once below for the giveaway.

5.   You may also visit My Memories Blog for great scrapping ideas, along with follow them on twitter or facebook for more ideas, contest and giveaways.  Not sure if they have reached 10,000 fans yet on Facebook, but an iPad 2 will be given away to one lucky fan, once they do reach 10,000 fans.
My Memories Suite has also given a promo code for $10.00 off the My Memories Suite v2, when you purchase the software, the software is $39.97, with the $10.00 discount you will be getting it for $29.97.  And just think of all the money you will save, just alone on greeting cards, or photobooks (if you do them).  You can use promo code STMMM3347, to save up $10.00.  I know this will be getting a lot of use from our family me.  

As noted above, the giveaway will close on Friday 11/4/11, and over the weekend I will announce the lucky winner.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and Happy Halloween! I look forward to viewing your comments!
xoxo, Shanna


Boo at the Zoo...

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Boo at the Zoo!?!  I pretty much wait the entire month of October for this.  All the little kids dressed up in adorable costumes, being with family, and the kids having a great time…  What’s not to love about it!
***daddy's little girl all the way***

As usual we tried for a group photo of the kiddos…

Not once, but twice…

Poor little C, the sun was right in her face.  If only the kiddos would listen, when we ask them to be still and look at the camera.  I mean we aren't asking for that much!
It was a perfect day to go to the zoo, the weather was just right…  Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay that long; the husband had to work, so we didn’t get to walk the entire zoo.  We played a few games, and A kept trying to take more than one prize...  She didn't understand that you only get ONE...


And I kid you not, this is the second year in a row that a random person has come up to us, and wanted their child to be in a picture with ours.  This time is was just A, because their costumes were just a like, just the other little girl was a bubblebee...  This is just weird to me, but how do you say no!?!


We did get to see a few animals along the way, but that was about it.  The little man was only interested in the monkeys any way.  It was kinda funny, this one monkey was swinging on a rope and flinging himself into the glass, he kept doing this over and over.  Everyone was getting a kick out of it, it was pretty funny.  I just kept thinking, doesn't that hurt!?!  I guess not!

I would have loved to have been able to come home and taken a nap, or at least been able to get off of my feet, but instead I have been doing laundry and trying to clean or pickup the house somewhat…  My least favorite things to do!
How have you spent your Saturday?  Tomorrow we will go to the Church Festival.  That should be a lot of fun; they will have a lot of activities for the little ones.
Cheers to it almost being bedtime, and to a wonderful day with family!

Goodnight sweet angels!

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xoxo, Shanna


Weekly recap, plus a busy weekend...

I love Fridays!  I truly do, I look forward to not having to be woke-up by an alarm for the next two days…   Instead I will wake-up to the sound of my daughter screaming, but at least I will get an extra hour of sleep, or so I hope.  I wonder if it is normal that I talk about sleep so much!?!  I mean, I really do, that is all I really ever want to do is sleep...
  This weekend is going to be full of fall festivities, and I’m excited about all the activities we have planned, but I’m also already exhausted thinking about it all.  I know, I’m always exhausted!  Tomorrow we are going to meet up with all of the cousins for Boo at the Zoo, we do this every year, and this is one tradition I make sure we don’t miss.  So I’m like a little kid right now and all giddy inside.  And then on Sunday, we will attend the Fall Festival at the Church, which should be fun.

Do you have any big plans for the weekend?  What are your traditions?
Last week I posted about how I’m in a funk, and a little depressed about my weight.  So to help me get a better control of what I'm stuffing in my mouth, I thought I would recap every Friday, what has been consumed up to this point.  So, here we go…
Breakfast:  Blueberry muffin & Dr. Pepper
Mid Morning:  Dr. Pepper
Lunch: McDonald’s Angus Burger w/Fries & Coke ***I shared the burger & fries with my Aunt***
Dinner: Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich with a Dr. Pepper
Breakfast: Cinnamon Toast & Dr. Pepper
Mid Morning: Dr. Pepper
Lunch: Pizza & Dr. Pepper
Dinner: Pizza & Dr. Pepper
Breakfast: Toast with Strawberry Jam & Dr. Pepper
Late Lunch/Dinner:  Taco Al Carbon, Chips & Salsa with Dr. Pepper
***I did drink one bottle of water…
Breakfast: Nature Valley Roasted Almond bar & Dr. Pepper
Lunch: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich & Dr. Pepper **We went to Brick House, and we were the only girls there.  It's totally a mans place, but the food was really good. So, I'm sure we will go back...
After Lunch Snack: Frozen Yogurt **Yummilicious**
Dinner: Fajitas & Dr. Pepper
***I drank 4 bottles of water!
Breakfast: Nature Valley Roasted Almond bar & Dr. Pepper
Lunch: Schlotzsky’s Pizza & Dr. Pepper
After Lunch Snack: Smoothie
Dinner: Pork chops, Green Beans, Rice & Dr. Pepper
***I drank 4 ½ bottles of water!
Breakfast: Nature Valley Roasted Almond bar & Dr. Pepper
Lunch: Subway 6” Turkey Sub w/Sun Chips & Dr. Pepper
After Lunch Snack: Smoothie
Dinner: Steak Quesadillas & Dr. Pepper
After Dinner Snack: Halloween candy!
***I drank 4 glasses of water, and 1 bottle!
Breakfast: Nature Valley Roasted Almond bar & Dr. Pepper

Lunch: Grill Chicken Sandwich with the works, along with Potato Chips & Dr. Pepper **but my son ate most of the chips, so I shouldn't have even included them, since I only got one or two**

After Lunch Snack: Smoothie

***I have drank 4 glasses of water!

I have done a little better than last week, or so I think...  I have lost a little over a pound, so that is a start.  Instead of eating cupcakes, cookies, and other snacks like candy during the day, I'm trying to eat healthier snacks, like smoothies & yogurt.  I have also consumed more water this week, than I have since I was pregnant. I'm sure my body is thanking me right now, as I type this! 

I did find a detox, it’s called Mega Cleanse.  I just started it, so I can’t give much feedback on it just yet.  But the reviews I have read, everyone says this stuff works.  We shall see!  Let me know if you have tried this before, and if it worked for you?
Cheers to the weekend!  Hope whatever your plans might be that you and your family have a safe festive weekend! 
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xoxo, Shanna


What I Wore Wednesday...

Hello Wednesday, hello to another beautiful day, and hello to the ladies of WIWW!  No much to share this week, since hurting my other foot last week, it has been a lot of sweat pants and T-shirt kinda days.  But I did muster up the energy yesterday to put on a pair of jeans and a cardigan.  This is going to be my go to outfit for the season, simple and comfortable!
pleated poppy


T-Shirt - Hanes (Target)
Cardigan - Target
Scarf - Target
Belt - Target
Jeans - Express
Oxford right foot - Target
Black Shoe (left foot) - Dr. Office
Necklace - James Avery
Sweet little angel - all mine:)

Happy Hump Day!  Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and all the things that come with autumn!
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xoxo, Shanna


Life has just been busy...

Howdy, where ya been!?!
Life was a little busy over the weekend.  I have so much that needs to get done, before my little mans special day, and I already feel that I’m running out of time.  I was on the computer last night for a good 2-3 hours looking at ideas, and trying to buy stuff at the best price possible (that in itself is time consuming).  So the countdown is on, and I’m sure my husband is stressing over the next three weeks, because he can already tell I’m getting stressed.  I just want M's day to be perfect, in every way possible!  This is nothing new, I stress out and my OCD kicks in full force every time it comes to me planning a birthday party, but in the end it's all worth it, or so I think.  I have to say, I’m really excited about the theme.  This is the first year; the little man was able to express what he really wanted the theme to be for his party, how cool is that!?!  So, it's my duty, to make sure he gets what he wants.
Over the weekend, while I was taking some photos of the little man for his birthday invitation, I thought I would let sissy try on her Halloween costume…

Not sure if she likes her customer too much…

What do you think?

I mean of course I think she is adorable, but she seems to be scared of the costume.
If that is the case, it is going to make for a long Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!  We have a lot of activities planned this year for Halloween, between school (at church), Boo at the Zoo, the Church Fall Festival and then Halloween, I think I might be ready for it to be over with come Monday.  I’m excited about it all; I just hope I’m going to be able to enjoy all the festivities.  But on the bright side, the little man LOVES his costume.  I don’t think I could've picked a better costume for my train loving little man, it is traintastic!

My little conductor, what a handsome conductor he is!
I also was able to FINALLY put my angels hair in a ponytail for the first time.  I know for some that probably sounds silly, but I have been waiting for this moment.  She looked so adorable. 
she is going to be like her mama and have really fine hair I believe...

but how cute is she with her hair pulled back, in overalls!?!  she is too cute, adorable!  i'm such a proud mama, can you tell!?!

Happy Monday Tuesday!  I’m ready for bed, and it isn’t even close to bedtime.  Isn’t that sad!?!  I think so!  I need energy, does anyone have some to spare?
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xoxo, Shanna

btw, I had mentioned last week that I was going to be doing a giveaway, which was scheduled for this past weekend.  I'm still going to be doing this giveaway, but it looks like it might be pushed to this weekend.  But fun stuff, especially with the holidays coming up.  So keep an eye out for it!


Get down...

Hello Friday, as usual I’m happy to see you!  Do you have days, where you just want to stay in bed with a pillow over your head, so you don’t have to be bothered with everything around you, you know life?  Today, more like the past week, has been that way for me.  Today after work all I wanted to do was come home and go to bed, but that wasn’t happening.  I tried convincing my kiddos it was time for bed, but I guess one could say they knew better.   So instead of going to bed, and giving mama a much needed break, my daughter entertained me, by showing me what she has now learned to do…
At least my son was playing on the iPad, being nice and quiet!  I'm sure he got tired of listening to me sound like a broken record…
A, get down!  I'm talking to you, not the wall!

A, please don’t climb on the chairs honey, it isn’t safe!

A, if I have to tell you one more time, you’re going to time-out!

A, 1-2-2-2 okay I’m getting ready to say 3, 3!  GET DOWN!

A, who taught you this?  Because I want to thank them, so get down!

A, where is bubba…?  Why don’t you go bother bubba?  Get down, and go find bubba, okay…  Pretty please!

Yes as you can tell, she runs this house!   Why do you ask!?!  It’s pretty sad, we have no control.  I can’t remember the last time I had control.  I guess it is hard to take mama serious when she has a camera in her hand taking pictures of you…  But sweet angel, I just want evidence to show you later in life, that you didn’t listen or mind.
As I noted in this post, I’m going to start holding myself a little more accountable for what I eat.  I truly need to shed the weight.  Friday’s will be the day that I recap what has been consumed.  But since I listed out Monday-Thursday in yesterday’s post, you can click here if you are truly interested in my bad habits.  So onto what I stuffed in my mouth, on this nice Friday.
Breakfast: Blueberry muffin and Dr. Pepper
Lunch: Noodles, chicken, bread, half a slice of cheesecake, and half a Dr. Pepper
Dinner: Salad and half a Dr. Pepper
And, I drank 5 glasses of water throughout the day…
See, not that bad today.  We will see how the weekend goes.
Cheers to the weekend, finally being here!  I will be home all weekend, being a bum on the couch.  How about you, what are you doing?
Goodnight sweet angels!
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xoxo, Shanna


I have a plan...

***this post is long, and I'm too tired to do a spell check along with grammar check...  So I'm sure I have a few errors, but I'm not too worried about it:)

I’m in a funk, again…  I feel like I’m always in a funk, but I'm having a hard time shaking this one.  I’ve gained more weight than I care to admit, and I'm not able to shred the extra pounds, or at least not as fast as I'm wanting to...  I’ve been watching what I eat, somewhat, but every time I try to cut something out of my diet, when I get on the scale it seems as if I have actually gained more weight.  And everyone keeps giving me their two cents; I know how to lose weight.  I know I need to work out, but for the ones that are giving the advice; they must not realize it's kinda hard to work out when you have two bummed feet.  And I understand I need to watch what I eat, and that certain things, like my Dr. Pepper, need to become more limited than they are right now.  I keep telling myself tomorrow…  Tomorrow I will stop going by Sonic to get my large Dr. Pepper, and start limiting myself to one 12 ounce can, and so on…  I have been telling myself this since the beginning of the year.  And I have actually done it a handful times, but the first time I get stressed or upset, I’m right back at Sonic.   But enough is truly enough.  I’m miserable, and tired of feeling this way.  It doesn’t help that every medicine I take, contributes to me gaining weight too.  So, I’m making a pact, with my blog and whoever else reads that might want to join, to holding myself & yourself accountable.  I’m always saying people need to hold themselves accountable, and stop with the excuses, and that is what I have been doing is making excuses when it comes to me not being able to lose the weight.  This isn't going to become a diet blog, but I am going to start being honest and keeping a better track of what I’m consuming, and the gallons (per my husband) of Dr. Pepper that I drink a day.  I have seriously got to do something, I have never in my life, and aside from being pregnant weighted this much.  And it truly affects my mood, and the fact this past week all I have wanted to do is roll out of bed and go work (and I really haven't wanted to get out of bed at all, but I have too), I don’t have the desire to get dressed up, put make-up on, or fix my hair.  I think last week, I took two showers that week, and didn't care.  Now I was sick, and that might have played a small part, but I just had no desire to take a shower, brush my teeth, or brush my hair (I know how gross), etc...  I seriously have looked like a bum all week, but even if I did want to get dressed, I’m not able to hardly button any of my pants, and I refuse to buy more clothes, when I don’t plan on staying at this size.  I know I’m venting, but this has been weighing on my mind for the past few weeks, and every day I go to lunch and get nausea afterwards, because I know I shouldn’t have just ate whatever it is that I might have consumed, nor should have I gotten the dessert that I seem to get after each meal.  I know, how bad!

So, do I have any takers that want to be held accountable with me?  I won’t post each day, because I don’t have the time to blog every day, I’m full time working mother, that does have two kids to rise.  But maybe I might set aside one day a week to recap what all I have consumed for the week, so that I can reflect back on my bad habits/choices of the week and get blue about it all (what fun).  And maybe having it put where everyone can see it, will help change my ways.  It doesn’t hurt to try.  But, I will be up front, I will not be giving up my Dr. Pepper, I will just cut down on how much I consume of this product.
I think if I could seriously lose about 15-20lbs I would be a lot happier with things.  My doctor is all the time telling me how I’m all over the place, one moment I'm super happy and the next I'm extremely moody and depressed.  Maybe one day I will be on a straight and narrow path, where I’m not all over the please.  But today, it is a pity for one kinda day.

So, let’s go ahead and start my recap of the week, of what I have had…  After reading what I had to eat each day, you will see why I’m having the problems and that I am, since I eat as if I’m still pregnant.
Sonic: Large Dr. Pepper
Breakfast: chick-fil-a chicken breakfast biscuits (they were so good)
Lunch: Subway I tried the philly steak sandwich (it was on the gross side, just sayin), with a Dr.Pepper
Afternoon: a cookie (and it was so yummy), with a Dr. Pepper
A Before Dinner Snack: ice cream cone
Dinner: Frito Pie, with a Dr. Pepper
Breakfast: Toast with Strawberry jam, with a Dr. Pepper
Mid morning snack: Frito Pie, another Dr. Pepper
Lunch: Fred’s Philly Sandwiches 6” Philly Steak Sandwich, with fries and a Dr. Pepper  *I also had a refill before we left.
Afternoon Snack: Sonic large Dr. Pepper along with an ice cream cone
Dinner: another Frito Pie, with a Dr. Pepper (the turkey chili is finally gone, no more Frito Pies)
Sonic: Large Dr. Pepper
Breakfast: Nature Valley bar
Lunch: Corner Bakery, Potato Soup with a Dr. Pepper and several crackers
Afternoon Snack: Dr. Pepper and a Kit Kat
Dinner: Fried Rice and a Dr. Pepper
Sonic: Large Dr. Pepper
Breakfast: Blueberry muffins
Lunch: Panera Creamy Tomato Soup with a French baguette and you got it, a Dr. Pepper.   I did really well at first and refused the cookie, but ended up getting a cookie before I left.  But I will be honest; I only had two or three bites before I threw it away.
Dinner: McDonald's Cheese Burger, fries and yet another Dr. Pepper.

I guess looking at this, it explains it all.  I know what needs to be cut out.  I need to start with my sweets, and start limiting the Dr. Peppers and drinking more water.  Then we will work on my meal portions.  I just need to focus on one thing at a time, and not try to do it all at once.
Thanks for listening; I really do appreciate the company and the feedback.  I know I’m not always able to comment back, since I do work 40-46 hours a week, and tend to two little ones when I’m at home, but just know your comments do put a smile on my face.
So now that I have embarrassed myself, letting everyone see how bad I do eat, let's get this party started.  Just being honest here, I have had another Dr. Pepper and fritos while typing this post (I know, I'm so BAD).  Hopefully within a week or two, I and you if you care to be a part of this journey will see some changes.  I know both of my bum feet would like a little lighter load themselves to carry around!
Things have just been stressful, and as I stated earlier I’m in funk, and a pretty foul mood.  I don’t like being in a foul mood, I like positive energy.  The pain I have been in doesn’t help much either.
I will be calling it a night here before too much longer, so I don't start looking through the pantry for more food.  I haven't been sleeping too great, with the pain, so lack of sleep doesn’t help in this equation either.  I think I have started leaning towards food, as a way to comfort me, especially when I’m stressed.

Alright, I'm off of my soap box.  I will probably post my weekly intakes on Friday.  But wanted to kick it off tonight, since I'm ready to start this new phase and get back into my favorite jeans.  I was also wanting to try a detox.  Have any of you ever done a detox before?  If so, I would love to know what you have used, and what you thought.  Did it work, was it nasty, etc...
Goodnight sweet angels!
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xoxo, Shanna


My little mess...

The past week has been a blur between being sick, and then running non-stop from one get together to another.  At this very moment, I feel as if I could just pass smooth out!  Then to top it all off, I ended up busting a ligament, and fracturing two of my toes.  And it is the opposite foot from the one that I have RSD in.  So, it’s been a little difficult to walk.  The doctor offered up a wheelchair, but I just couldn’t do it.  I have a nice long six weeks that I get to wear that wonderful ugly black shoe again.  It feels like just yesterday I said good-bye to that shoe, and it has found a way back into my life.  Also no physical therapy for six weeks, which my other doctor is going to love that.  I’m sure come Monday’s visit, I’m going to get a lecture as if I’m in high school again.  Right now, I just want the pain to go away; the doctor said it would take a couple of days to a week before the swelling and pain would calm down.  My luck it will take a week or longer.
Before all of this happened, we did join the family for a pumpkin painting party.  It was a nice get together.  I love this time of year, as traditions are taking place, and it seems like each weekend we are doing something fun.  I had warned my sister-in-law that my little lady paints everything in sight, including herself, but I don’t know if anyone believed me, until she took black paint to a white door…
right before the attack...

here she is leaving her mark...

oh ya, she got it all over her mouth...
Even though most of the paint ended up on her, she did actually get some on her pumpkin.  Daddy ended up having to give her a bath.  The little lady wanted to be held, and no one but mama would hold her due to how messy she was.  But she is such an adorable mess.  I can’t help but laugh every time I look at these photos.
see how clean everyone else is!?!  yeah, my little one is a true artist...

I am working on a fun project that will result in a giveaway.  I’m excited to share it with y’all, but I’m not quite finished yet.  I’m hoping to be done by this weekend, so keep a lookout for something fun, or I think it’s fun.  This is right up my alley! 

Goodnight sweet angels!
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xoxo, Shanna


What I Wore Wednesday...

Hello to a very rainy and fall like Wednesday!  I have been down and out the past two days, so this morning when I woke up to rain, I was a little giddy inside.  We truly need the rain here in Texas.  I have so my cracks in my front & backyard.
I will be joining The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.
pleated poppy


Top: Anthro
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Target
Belt: Target
My sweet Ty boy, wanting in on some of the WIWW action...


Dress: Fossil
Tee: Club Monaco
Wedges: DSW


Top: Banana Republic
Jeans: Express
Belt: Target
Shoes: Bakers
Sweet baby boy, all mine!


Top: Lucky Brand
Shorts: American Eagle
Belt: Gap
Sandals: Target
Sunglasses: Gucci
Sweet kiddos, all mine!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!  Cheers to a rainy fall like day, and us being half way through the work week. 
xoxo, Shanna


All over an icy...

The husband decided to stop and get the kiddos an icy today after school.  How sweet right!?!  I guess he thought they would share…  Does this look like a little girl that would share!?!

What about the little man!?!

Yeah, full on tantrums, screaming & crying, the little girl getting so upset she could hardly breathe when bubba took a sip of the icy!  Apparently it was really that good!

Next time I would say two smalls are in order.  Poor sweet baby boy got jipped! 

Happy Tuesday!

xoxo, Shanna