What was I thinking Friday...

Hello Friday, I have waited all week for you!  So glad you are here…  This week has been long, and started out on way too little sleep!  But, there does seem to be a light at the end of this long tunnel for us…  The little girl, and I hope I’m not jinxing myself here, has slept through the night, the past two nights…  Trust me, I was dancing a little in the shower this morning, too much info, sorry!   I guess I better settle down a little, she might have just been giving us a break, to pull another month of sleepless nights.  If that is the case, thanks sweetie for the break, mama truly enjoyed two nights of sleep.

***yes she has food on her face...  Sometime we leave it there for a day or two, we believe it adds character!

I’m also doing a happy dance, because I have a three day weekend to enjoy with family and friends!  We have family coming over tomorrow, a wedding on Sunday, and then family day on Monday…  It is shaping up to be a great weekend!  Excited to see our family and friends as always!

But my week wouldn’t be complete without some “What was I thinking” moments to share:

  •   Last week when I was sick, my Aunt had told me to get some Mucinex DM, which I thought that is what I grabbed, to only realize on Saturday morning, a good 4 days later that is was Mucinex D that I had grabbed…  I guess I need to pay a little more attention…
  •   Putting your contact lens in the wrong eye…  Yeah, I do this quite often actually.  My left eye requires a stronger lens…  You would think that I would know better, but obviously I don’t!
  •   Getting side tracked by your kids, and only putting self tanner on one arm and leg.  I guess it balanced out a little, the right arm got love and so did the left leg.  I looked like an X I guess…
  •   Miss placing your debit card and totally freaking out at work when I couldn’t find it.  Getting home looking through everything, still not being able to find it, and telling the husband we would have to cancel my card, to only find it 5 seconds later in my daughters backpack.  This was the first place I looked when I got home.  It would have been nice if I would have seen it the first time, so I wouldn't have torn the house up like a mad woman looking for a darn piece of plastic!  Trust me, I kissed it and told it I would never let it out of my sight again…  She forgave me, and told me to go shopping today!
I would love to hear your “What was I thinking” moments of the week… 

This Mickey Mouse phone is over 30 years old…

My Aunt got it for me, before I was born…  And M loves it!

The blanket the kiddos are playing on was made for me when I was a little girl by my grandmother.  It is over 20 years old…  It’s nice having some of my things that I had as a child around the house!  And I love seeing my kids enjoying some of the things I truly enjoyed as a child!

Happy Friday, and cheers to a fabulous weekend!

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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  1. I was checking out at the grocery store when the cashier asked me for my reward card. I reached into my pockets and realized I didn't have my keys. I figured they probably fell out my pocket while I was getting my kids out of the car.

    When we got out to the car I looked inside and saw that I had left them in the ignition. When I opened to door to retrieve my keys I realized that I had left the car running!!

    Guess that's what happens when you are going on very little sleep because a certain little diva wants to play at 3 in the morning... ; )


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