My sweet little babies...

Today was suppose to be a day full of fun, spending the day with friends, and watching our kids have a great time together!  But, I was woken up to two very sick little ones.  The little man was up before the chickens this morning, crying & screaming…  I couldn’t believe how warm he was, as we snuggled on the couch together, trying to get him calmed down.  I gave him the normal dose of Tylenol, along with some homeopathic cough medicine.  The little girl also woke up in the middle of the night, as I watched her on the monitor I couldn’t believe my eyes…  She was jumping up and down, screaming and banging her hand against her bed!  Do ya think she was mad!?!   She did this for over an hour…  I finally couldn’t take it anymore and walked in her room to pat her on her bottom, to try and calm her down.  The energy this little one has just amazes me.  When she did wake this morning, after such an active night, she was running a fever, and you could tell she felt miserable!

My Aunt & Uncle got M this chair, and as you can see he loves it.  This was the highlight of his day!

To be honest, I don’t think either of my babies have ever been this sick before, especially the little man.  Usually when he is sick, he will run a fever for a day, but we are going on day three.  Yesterday his fever did break, but has since come back.  He has been throwing up most of the evening.  Everyone told me, once we got the kids in school, they would be sick every time we turned around for the first six weeks.  I figured they would get sick, but I had no idea it would seriously be every week we would be dealing with running noses, coughing, throwing up, and fevers!  My poor babies are truly miserable!  They both are extremely stuffed up, and you can smell the vicks as you walk up to our house, between humidifiers and vapor rub!  Their poor noses are raw from me sucking the snot out of their noses and rubbing/blowing their noses with kleenex.  My little angel has been in bed for over an hour, and she has been crying out every 10 to 15 minutes.  I wish come tomorrow morning, they would feel better and be over whatever germ they have this time around…


My Aunt & Uncle did come over this morning, and I was thankful for the help!  With me being up most of the night I was, and still am exhausted.  And having two little ones that are sick is very tiring.  They have both been very clingy, and don’t want to share mommy at ALL!  So needless to say, the little man hasn’t been too nice to his sister this evening.  I’m predicting that tonight will be another long night, and the little man and I will probably end up back on the couch like we did early this morning. 
Sweet babies, mama sure does love you two!  Hoping and praying for a much better day tomorrow! 

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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