Two sick babies...

I’m exhausted, and I’ve been sucking snot out of my kiddos noses all night…  Both of my babies have running noses and have been coughing for the past few days.  The little girl had her daddy up with her most of the night, and the little man ended up in bed with us, after the husband finally got A back to bed.  And I have feeling we are going to have a repeat of last night.  The little girl has been crying out in her sleep for the past hour, that breaks my heart.  I hate when my babies are sick!


I’m calling it a night…  I need to try and get some sleep before A or M have me up most of the night.


Sure hope you two feel better come tomorrow! 

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna


  1. Bless their hearts. My son had RSV last week, it is really going around. Praying they get well soon and momma gets some much needed rest!

  2. Thanks Angie! What is RSV? Hope your little is feeling better!


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