What I Wore Wednesday...

Guess what!?!  It’s snowing again!  Snow day anyone...!  Due to me being in my pajamas most of last week, and then again today, I only have two outfits to post today…  Bummer I know!  The husband said last week, that he was ready for me to go back to work, so I would start showering everyday again, funny husband!  He puts a smile on my face!  Okay enough of that right, I guess you want to see what I wore.  I will be linking up with The Pleated Poppy again this week.

Blouse - Banana Republic
Sweater - Express
Navy Coat - The Gap
Jeans - 7 for all mankind
Boots - Steve Madden

Blouse - The Gap
Sweater - Express
Jeans - Citizen of Humanity
Shoes - Steve Madden
Handbag - Gucci

There ya have it…  Hopefully next week, I will have more than two outfits!

Hope wherever you are, you are staying warm today!  I can't believe it is snowing again here in Texas.  I can honestly say, I’m ready for spring…  I’m ready for the wedge sandals, dresses and playful skirts! 

On a beauty note, did you know that Preparation H, can be used for puffy eyes and crows feet!?!  Yeah me either…  But if you did know about it, shame on you for not sharing the info with me sooner!  My Aunt told me about this little secret over the weekend, because ya know, I have dark circles and puffy eyes, due to the lack of sleep I've been getting, thanks A…  And I guess I must have been looking pretty rough, no surprise there.  But I was surprised, it does work.  So there ya have it, I even gave you some beauty info today!

Happy Hump Day!

xoxo, Shanna


  1. I heard that the old formula of Prep-H worked even better on puffy eyes than what they're making now. Good to know that the new stuff works too. I take it you're staying home today... I'm starting to feel like a caged animal!

  2. Your not the only one ready for Spring friend. I say bring it on! Thanks for the beauty info. I have puffy eyes all the time. Mine is due to lack of sleep too. I might have to give that a try.


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