7 Months...

Today, my sweet beautiful angel is seven months old!  Baby girl, mama needs time to slow down… 

What are you currently up to:
·    You still aren’t the best eater in town, but I will give you credit, you do like some prunes…  Which I don’t understand.  Seriously, out of all the food I have in the pantry, prunes are your favorite.  Your Uncle calls it baby chocolate.  You have also discovered that you like bananas and pears.  We aren’t able to feed you anything that has rice or oatmeal in it.  It makes you very sick.  Last month, you did like peas, but we have had a hard time lately getting you to eat anything green.  But, you will tear up some squash and sweet potatoes.  
·    You do not like water at all!  I have to force you to take a drink of water, and that is all it is, a drink.  Not sure what to do about this, mama isn’t a big water fan either, but mama isn’t going to let you drink juice right now.  So, you need to help me out, and at least drink an ounce or two of water for me a day, pretty please!
·    You are sitting up on your own now. 
·    You are crawling, and I find it absolutely adorable to watch your little butt crawl.  You’re so petite…
·    You love to bounce up and down!
·    You are pulling yourself up, on anything you can.  I’m sure within the next week or two, you will be cruising.
·    You’re still wearing some 3 month clothes, but for the most part you are wearing 6 months.  You’re still pretty thin, but you are finally getting some little rolls on your thighs…  I didn’t think they would ever come, they put a smile on mama’s face! 
·    Your still my little drama queen, you are very vocal when you aren’t happy!
·    You cut your first tooth, and it was a pretty dramatic experience! 
·    Still not a fan of the car, but it has gotten some better.  And I will even say the last time we went out to dinner, you handled yourself pretty well.
·    You haven’t been sleeping through the night that much, over the past month.  Which I would be very grateful, if you would go back to sleeping through the night, okay, thanks in advance!
·    You love getting into and playing with your brothers toys.  And you have no problem trying to take bubba’s toys out of his hands!  Bubba isn’t a fan of this, just so you know.  But I do love to watch you two interact and play together. 
·    Your facial expressions crack me up.  You are very much like your mama, when it comes to your facial expressions.
·    You are very demanding…  We will be rocking along, and everything will be fine, and then in no time at all, you will start crying and screaming.   Can you give a five minute warning, before you start crying and screaming?  
·    You have said dada, and when you are mad and crying, I have heard mama a few times. 
·    You are a very determined little girl!  You don’t let much stand in your way, of you getting what it is you want.
·    Now that you can crawl, you don’t want to be held as much.  You want to be in the middle of the floor, playing with all of bubba’s toys.
·    You’re so curious, just like your brother…  I love to watch you, when you have found something that peeks your interest...
·    You love to look out the window.  That has become one of your favorite little hangouts in the living room, standing at the window watching the dogs in the backyard.
·    And oh my, how you would like to get a hold of the dogs.  You will crawl like a mad woman across the living room floor, if Ty or Izzy are in one place long enough.  Of course Izzy doesn’t want anything to do with you, but Ty will give you kisses, but he doesn’t like having his hair pulled.  Sweet angel, no one likes having their hair pulled, including your brother.  I will go ahead and say it, your brother hates having his hair pulled!

A lot has happened in the past few weeks!

Happy seven months sweet angel!  Daddy, mama and bubba love you so very much! 

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna


  1. What an absolute precious angel A is, we enjoyed spending her 7 month birthday with her and M today. There's nothing we love more than spending time with your family. We had a good day with the kiddos today and they both were very good however you are so right on when you said when A's not happy she can go from smiling and laughing to screaming and crying in a blink of an eye. She gives new meaning to drama queen......but A is the cutest, the sweetest the most lovable little drama queen I've ever seen. She has the sweetest little smile and she's so tiny and dainty. Jump up and down omg, that girl loves to jump up and down and she's so strong. Your children are so much fun....they are good, happy, entertaining and loving people. You and Mike are really good parents. You both work really hard and you make your children and each other your priority and it shows. We admire and respect both of you because it's hard work but y'al do the job well. Hugs and kisses to M and A. Goodnight .


  2. This was a fabulous post. Her & my son are so close in age & doing so many of the same things! It's amazing how quickly time flies by isn't it? Happy 7 Months to your angel.


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