We have cabin fever...

I’m not going to lie, we have cabin fever…  Do you hear me, we have cabin fever!  This is our third day being stuck in the house.  And it looks like, we might be going for a fourth day.  I’m driving my husband and son crazy.  I have a little thing called OCD, and it kicks in full force when I’m stuck in the house.  I can't stand for my house to be dirty, laundry to build up, or dishes to be left in the sink.  So I have been going behind everyone picking up after them, and yelling along the way if they get stuff out, and don’t put it back.  Yeah, not so much fun...  
Even though we do have cabin fever, I have enjoyed being home with my kiddos. The little man and I have gotten to enjoy breakfast together the past few mornings.   We have gotten to cuddle on the couch after breakfast, and I love getting to cuddle with my little man.  He has been right by my side most of the time, and it has been great.  The past few days have been nice, us all being together.  I know we are all tired of being stuck in the house, but I think we have all enjoyed having family time together.  I am going to miss this once it’s over.
Before lunch today, daddy found this thing called Walker Wings in A's closest.  Not sure where it came from, but we thought it would be fun to try it out.  The little girl loved it...  I told my husband he needed to slow down just a little.  That once she does start walking, he is going to be in trouble.  She is already getting into everything, and trying to pull herself up on everything.

She was bouncing up & down…

Hey sweet thing, please stay asleep tonight, and don’t wake mama up at midnight!  Mama doesn’t really want to be up for three or four hours tonight.  I would really love a good night’s rest, in my toasty bed…
The little man helped his daddy lower sissy mattress, since she is able to pull herself up now.  I don't want my precious baby girl falling out of her bed!

We start'em young here…

He is our little handy man boy…
While the men messed around in sissy's room, I entertained the little girl in the living room.  Poor baby girl was sick earlier this morning.  She cuddled up on daddy's chest, and slept most of the morning. 
Hey beautiful, glad you are feeling better!  I don't like it when my babies don't feel good!

My precious babies are in bed, and that is where I will be here shortly.  I'm enjoying some quiet time right now.  I felt bad earlier today, I locked the bathroom door while I enjoyed a hot shower.  My baby boy stood outside the door, crying mama for most of my shower.  He was banging on the door, for me let him in.  Sorry baby boy, but mama just needed a few minutes to herself...  It is so hard to get a moment to yourself...   And sometimes you just need a 15 minute break... 

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna 


  1. Hi honey. I'm really glad that you've enjoyed having this extra time due to bad weather with your family. I look forward to reading your blog and looking at all the new pictures. We've got cabin fever also and we can't wait to see all of y'all on Saturday. M is such a little handy boy isn't he @ at the rate A's going she'll be walling by Saturday. Try to stay warm and get some rest.

    Lots of love,
    Auntie Pat

  2. I'm wishing the weather would break too. All this cold & snow causes me not to get out much and I'm getting pretty tired of being in the house. Your pics are great. I love the one with te drill.

  3. These babies M & A are my great nephew and great niece and they are absolutely two of the lights of our lives. My husband and I adore them. We've missed them terribly this week. I'm tired of this nasty weather...when it interferes with our time with our niece and her family then enough is enough. In Texas we're just not use to being homebound due to snow and ice. And I'm sure all of our super bowl guests feel as though they haven't even left their own state....but maybe what's really happened is they brought this weather with them. Lol. Have a nice day and stay warm. Give M & A plenty of hugs and kisses from us.


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