A bag full of emotions...

It’s no secret the last couple of days, more like weeks have been emotional and stressful for me.  It’s no secret that I’m beyond tired.  And during this time, there have been days that I have felt all alone.  And during this time, I have been told it is pointless to talk to me, really that is just sad!  I have been mocked for crying because I was stressed and beyond tired, again that is just really sad!  A hug and simple “everything is going to be okay” would have been so much better.  But no, that’s not what has happened.  But during this time, I have had my precious angels, to give me a hug, kiss, smile or share a laugh when needed!  They don’t judge, or point out my flaws…  I’m truly thankful for my precious angels.  Tonight while I was holding my precious angel, I couldn’t stop thinking about the day I gave birth to my babies.  The love, happiness, excitement, joy that my heart was filled with.   There is no greater joy, than my babies.  And I just hope one day, you two understand how much you truly mean to me!

My Nana is still in the hospital, but she is doing better.  She has a kidney infection, an infection around her kidneys and a blood infection.   Since she has been on fluids and antibiotics, she has started feeling and acting a lot better.  She has color back in her face, she has been able to carry on a conversation, and she has remembered she has great grandbabies.  She will have to go to a rehab center, before she will be able to come home.  She still isn’t eating or drinking anything on her own, and she still isn’t able to walk or pull herself up on her own, but she is doing better, and that makes me feel better!  I have truly been so worried about my Nana.

Tomorrow we are going to give this school thing another chance…  I’m sure hoping for a better day tomorrow, for my baby boy.   I went shopping today, and got M & A some new clothes.   I know this post is a bag of emotions that is just what my life has been lately.  I have truly been all over the place.  I need and want things to settle down!  Hoping for some much needed rest tonight! 

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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