That explains it ALL...

It never fails, once a month I have an emotional breakdown, where I think the world is coming to end, and everyone is against me…  I also gain weight like a mad woman, and eat chocolate like it going out of style.  So, any woman based off of what I just said, knows exactly where I’m going…  Yes, it is that time.  Since having two kids, this time of the month has gotten so much worse than what it was prekids…  And the mood swings are the worst, seriously you better watch out when talking to me, because I will bite your head off, and not even think twice about it, and I surely won’t feel bad that I told you to go stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!  Yeah, it might be best for everyone involved if I check myself into a hotel each month during this time!  It might have some to do with the IUD, and the hormone that is released into my body, I don’t know, but it is truly worse than it once was.  But let me now state for the record, if you ever consider getting an IUD, please do your homework.  If I would have done mine, I don’t know that I would have gotten one, seriously.  But my doctor assured me this was the way for us to go, since we got pregnant with A, while I was on birth control.  So, we knew we needed to do something different this time around, but we weren’t ready to say we were done having kids at that time either.  We just didn’t want to have another one as close together as M & A were.  I was seriously pregnant, it felt like for two years!  But now, not being pregnant feels like unknown territory.  Doesn’t that sound funny!?!  And I get so emotional when I see a pregnant woman!  But as soon as A starts screaming at me, reality kicks in, and baby girl, at the rate we are going, mama will never have another baby again, you are going to break me!  I got a little side tracked there, the point here is, this is why I have been so emotional the last couple of days!  It all makes sense now...  With that all being said, today has been better than the last few days, even though I still have a killer headache, that I haven’t been able to get rid of!

I was able to get out of the office today at lunch, and enjoyed some time with the husband and my precious little angel.  She is so adorable, it is so funny to see her sitting in a highchair.  She is so little, the highchair swallows her.  But, she was in good spirits, I think she enjoyed having mama & dada all to herself (sweet angel, don’t get use to it).  While we were at the mall, I had to go into Nordstrom’s, I love me some Nordstrom’s!  All I can say is, I LOVE SHOES, I have shoe fever right now.  So I went ahead and tortured myself my taking a detour, oh way did I do this.  I just set myself up for either me being upset or the husband getting upset, because we all know, I’m going to go back and get the shoes.  I tried to get him to give me the okay at lunch, but he just didn’t bite, so I will have to go hit my rainy day fund, and buy me some new shoes.  I won’t be happy until I do.  Honey, you have been warned, so don’t act surprised or upset when I come home with a new pair of shoes tomorrow, just sayin…

Today was the second day of school for my baby boy.  My sweet baby did get upset and cried this morning when my husband dropped him off at school.  This just breaks my heart, and I know it does my husband!  The teachers try to comfort us, by telling us this is normal, and they only cry for about 20 or 30 minutes, but it still upsets me!  My husband didn’t want to tell me that M was crying and screaming Daddy, because he knows how much I worry, more like I obsess over it, but he ended up telling me about it at lunch.  So, what do we do, we go shopping for M, and get him all kinds of stuff, because we feel bad.  I know that probably isn’t the best message to send your child, but I feel guilty, and retail therapy is my cure all.  So daddy got M all kinds of stuff today, I got him some clothes yesterday, and then daddy went shopping over the weekend and got M some clothes and shoes.  I guess we think money grows on trees, because we are spending it like it does.  I can’t remember the last time the husband and I went shopping like this.  But all in all, M did much better today, he only cried for about 15 minutes this morning, and then at naptime he started crying again for about 15 minutes.  Hoping Thursday will be even better for him, please baby boy, mama can’t stand it when you cry, nor can my wallet!

Happy Tuesday, hope you had a much better too!

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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