Ice Day…

I’m one tired mama!
The husband and I ended up having movie night last night.  We watched The American…  The movie was horrible!  When George Clooney read the script for this movie, I wonder what went through his mind, when he said yes I will take this role!  It hurt me to watch him in this role, it was that bad!  Has anyone else seen this movie?  If you have seen it, what did you think?

It has been a busy day around this house!  My office was closed today, due to the bad weather.  The first hour or so, I spent trying to get on-line to work from home.  But for whatever reason, I wasn’t able to get connected.  So, I decided to clean house.  I love a clean house!  Too bad it doesn’t last longer than 10 seconds…  I even cleaned my closest, it was a nightmare!  But it looks so nice now, it puts a smile on my face, just thinking about how nice it looks.   We also did some work in A's room.  Her room is slowly but surely coming together.  I just have a few more things that need to be added, and then her room will finally be done.  
The kiddos seem to have had a pretty good day.  M enjoyed hanging with his daddy and Ty this morning, while he watched The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

M & daddy, trying to get warm this morning…  It was a little chilly!

M using Ty as a pillow…  

Mama, I’m bored…  So am I!  So we got busy cleaning.  The little man loves to help clean.  He’s my little helper!
The little girl hanged with her daddy most of the day.  She wanted to be able to crawl, stand and roll around on the floor.  

Poor baby girl is teething…  One tooth has broken through, just waiting on the second one to break.   

Hey beautiful, whatcha doing…?

I see, you’re trying to stand up…

You are so determined…  I can’t believe next week you will be seven months old!

Your brother loved playing with this mirror when he was your age.

Glad to see you do too!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!  The kiddos are in bed, and that is where I need to be. 
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo,  Shanna

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