Life still goes on...

I hate being sick!  The last 36 hours have been long, and painful!  I sure hope come tomorrow, I feel better!  A big thank you to the husband, for taking care of the kiddos!  And thank you BPat & Jar for coming over this evening to help me out, while the husband went to work!

Even though I've been down & out, life has still gone on...  The little man went to school today, and at first he cried, but the teachers said he only cried for about 10 minutes, so he is doing better.  And of course he was excited when he got home, to see that BPat & Jar were here.  Daddy did take my sweet little man to get his hair cut for the very first time today, at an actual hair salon.  My husband normally cuts M’s hair.  He got a ballon and a toy shark for being a good boy! 

Little girl enjoyed her first wagon ride yesterday with bubba…  Looks like she was having fun!
Sissy is already cruising around the house with her walker…  Little girl, you are so determined!
Hoping your Thursday has been better than mine!  And hoping tomorrow, I will feel much better than I have today!
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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