So much for sleep...

I should so be in bed asleep right now, and instead I’m playing on photobucket!  The little girl decided we were going to have a slumber party I guess last night, because the little girl was up all night wanting to play!  I’m going on 42 hours, without sleep…  Yeah, I’m beyond tired.   This was my little angel this morning at around 4:00…  She is wide awake!  Me, not so much!

This is my little angel around 10:00 this morning, as you can see she is still going strong!  She loves to stand at this window and move her left leg up and down…  She is such a mess, but of course I think she is an adorable mess!  Even when mama hasn’t slept in almost two days!

Baby girl, please don’t pull another all nighter!  Your mama seriously needs some rest!  It will not be a pretty day tomorrow, if mama doesn’t get some sleep…  So I guess mama should get off the computer, and stop playing with your pictures!  Glad we could have this talk! 
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna


  1. Tell me about it friend. It's 1:06 in the morning and my little boy has now decided no one needs sleep tonight! Hope you get some much needed rest soon!

  2. Yeah, Ashlynn didn't get to bed last night until after 2 in the morning. I can seriously hardly keep my eyes open!


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