What I Wore Wednesday

It’s another cold day here in Texas!  I always enjoy one free day, but the second day that you are stuck at home, seems to always be too much!  Everyone in our household seems to be a little grumpy today.  Hopefully tomorrow the roads will be better and definitely hoping for a little warmer weather.   We have had rolling power outages today, so every 2-3 hours it seems our electricity has been going out…  Good times!
Since I have been stuck in the house the past two days, I only have a few outfits to showcase this week.  I will be linking up with Lindsay again this week, for What I Wore Wednesday.

Cardigan - J Crew
Tank - J Crew
Flower - Anthro
Boyfriend Jeans - Target (I loves these jeans)
Shoes - Enzo

Top - Express
Jean Jacket - The Gap
Leggings - Victoria Secrets (Pink)
Flats - Liz Caliborne
The precious baby girl - All mine:)

Cardigan - J Crew
Blouse - The Gap
Skinny Jeans - Express
Shoes - Enzo
Handbag - Gucci

So what have we been doing today, with our electricity being out for 45 minutes at a time!?!  We have been playing with toys that don’t require electricity.  Poor baby boy just doesn’t understand, why he couldn’t watch George or The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse earlier.  He was so upset, so I did the only thing I knew to do, get out the cars…

This didn’t last long…

(sorry the photo is a little blurry)

Maybe 15 minutes…  And then it turned into major meltdown city again.  Got to love the tantrums!
While the little man was having his 3rd tantrum within 30 minutes!  The little lady was rolling around on the floor, having a good time.  Glad one of us was in a good mood, or so for a moment!

Hi sweet angel!  How are you!?!

Someone found a hanger…  And that someone, loves to play with hangers!

What’s so funny A!?!  Are you laughing at bubba throwing a tantrum!?! 

What’s wrong A!?!

I guess it's your turn...
The little man is taking a nap.  I sure hope he wakes up in a better mood...  Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday, and staying warm wherever you are.  It's just too cold for my liking!
Happy Wednesday!

xoxo, Shanna


  1. Your outfits are so cute! And your little ones are adorable. I completely understand being a working woman but wanting SO badly to stay at home with your kids-I'm in the same boat! Hope you're staying warm today!

  2. It was frigid cold here today too. The wind was gusting at about 40 mph which made it bone chilling cold! I love your outfits this week. Number 1 is my very fave. I'm with you, I love those jeans! Try to stay warm :)


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