And how has your day been...

How has your day been?  It is Friday, yes it is…  Today started out as a day of hope, just like any day!  It was a beautiful day.   I actually can’t believe how beautiful the weather has been!  Today the high was like 82, I believe.  That is crazy, two weeks ago we were snowed in, and today we are wearing shorts!  With this past week being such a rough, emotional and stressful week, my Aunt figured a little retail therapy was in order, and who am I to say no to that!   In my book, retail therapy is the best therapy!  My Nana would be so proud, that was always her motto.  My husband does not agree with this at all!  Thank goodness I don’t shop and spend money like I once did…  But my Aunt is always so good to me!  She decided to take me out, and treat me to a little shopping spree, she probably wouldn’t say it was little though, but I did end up with some cute stuff.  I always enjoy being able to spend time with my Aunt, it is a true and rare treat these days, that I miss dearly.  Before I had kids, we would go shopping and have lunch together almost every weekend. 
This afternoon my Aunt called to tell me, that my Nana had to be admitted to the hospital.  She has been in & out of doctor offices all week, having test after test done.  Since my Nana isn’t eating or drinking any fluids she is severely dehydrated, and has developed a kidney infection.  So her doctor wanted her put in the hospital so they could get some fluids in her.  I feel as if she is just giving up.  The only way she does eat or drink anything, is if someone makes her...  She will now have to use a wheelchair, because she is so weak, she isn’t able to walk.  She tried standing up today at the doctor’s office, and fall to the floor.   I’m hoping once she gets some fluids in her, it will make her feel better.  This is just getting harder and harder.  I feel like every time we turn around, we are being faced with something else.
Hope wherever you are, the sun will be shining bright tomorrow…  I’m hoping to get the kiddos out tomorrow, and take them to the park.

This picture cracks me up!  His facial expression, along with the hand on the hip, is hilarious!  Baby boy, thank you for cuddling with mama tonight!  I enjoy every opportunity I get to cuddle with you!  You are such a busy little man, always into something, and so very curious about how everything works.  Yesterday you turned 27 months old.  Over the past few weeks, your speech has gotten so much better!  Every day, I notice you saying several new words.  I’m glad you and sissy had a much better day today, and that both of you are feeling better!
Sissy, please don’t wake up at 4:00 in the morning!  Mama would like to sleep in at least till 7:30 tomorrow…
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna


  1. Sorry to hear about your Nana. I know how hard it can be as I lost my grandpa right before Christmas. Thinking of you

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss Angie! Thank you! Hope you have of nice weekend!


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