A lazy kinda day...

Do you ever wake up in the morning, and already wish it was time for bed!?!  Well, that is how my day started…   My oh so sweet precious angel, is becoming the worst sleeper ever!  I don’t understand why the past month, she has been waking up almost every night, between midnight & 1:00, and then it taking an act of congress to get her back to bed, and this has become a 2-3 hour process.   And you would think that once you get her back to bed, she would probably sleep in since she was up half of the night, but no, she has been waking back up, around 6:30 every morning.  So this morning after getting her back to bed after 3:30, I was truly hoping for the kiddos to sleep in until 7:30 or 8:00, but no, both of them were up by 6:30, and M was screaming MAMA, M-A-M-A, M--A--M--A!!!   At this point, I wanted to fast forward to 9:00 tonight.  I know that is so sad, because I do love the weekends, this is my time with the kiddos.  But today, I just wanted sleep, plain and simple!  Or it was plain and simple in my mind.  With me being so tired, and just physically exhausted I decided me we were going to have a lazy day!  But my idea of lazy, and what the kiddos consider or understand to be lazy are different than what this MAMA had in mind.
Exhibit A:  Please don’t try this at home kids!  It's like my
son knows I'm tired and grumpy, and this is when he does
 his best to push my buttons, and do things, he knows he
shouldn't be doing...
Maddox 1
(BTW, I'm not at all okay with my son climbing on his kitchen.  But, it is tied down to the back wall, so I knew it wasn't going to go anywhere.)

Exhibit B:  We try to keep the little lady off of the tile floor, because I’m a total worry wart or obsessed, you can use either, about her falling and hurting herself on the tile.  Which, she has bumped her head once or twice already, leaving a nice goose egg for every one to see.  As I have stated before, she is very determined, she finds a way around all of mama’s little road blocks!  As I was still trying to wake up this morning, and only had one eye open, I didn’t think my daughter would be clever enough to figure out, to just crawl through the activity center, to get to where mama was.  I’m going to need to do a little better I guess going forward. 

Ashlynn 1
(She was so proud of herself, she had the biggest grin on her face, when she crawled up my leg.)

Exhibit C:  The nonstop tantrums…  Luckily for me, M’s tantrums only last about 2.5 seconds, but we have several of these a day, so they can kinda wear on you, after the first two or three of the morning.

Maddox 2
(But even when M is throwing a tantrum, look how sweet he looks!?!  Of course while the tantrum was happening, mama didn't think how sweet...  All I wanted, was the whining to STOP!)

Exhibit D:  After getting into stuff they shouldn’t be, and the tantrums were over, my angels appeared, and decided to give mama somewhat of a break.  Little girl, I love watching you and your expressions. You are so eager and amused by everything.  Especially if it is something you see bubba doing.


Exhibit E:  They truly are so innocent!  I love to see my babies laugh and smile!  Baby boy, your smile is contagious!  And mama loves to hear you laugh, and to see your face light up with excitement! 
Maddox 3

I guess you can say, mama is truly glad we didn’t end up fast forwarding to 9:00 tonight, because then I would have missed out on a great morning with my babies!  Sometimes when you are caught up in the moment, you don’t always realize how great it is, until later when you have a chance to finally catch your breath, to reflect back on everything that happened.  Pictures are a wonderful thing! 
With that all being said, this all happened before noon time today.  I was really tired, and very happy to see my Aunt & Uncle when they got here.  I pretty much did a pass off of the children and I went to bed.  Of course I didn’t stay there long.  But it was a nice break, since I have been fighting a headache that has been kicking my butt every day, for over a week now.  So thank you BPat & Jar, for coming over today, and taking care of the kiddos for me to try and get some rest.  I really do appreciate the help.  Hopefully we can get back to our regular Saturday routine, I do have some new recipes I want to try.
I guess since my babies are in bed, that is where I need to be, since I will have a date with my daughter come midnight. 
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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