It's all worth it...

Let me state for the record, that getting ready to go somewhere, with two kids, baby & toddler, in the bathroom with you, can cause you to rethink going anywhere!  Any time we have plans to go somewhere or to do something, I pretty much stress out about having to have M & A in the bathroom with me while trying to take a shower, blow dry my hair, and put makeup on.  If not one, then both are crying and screaming usually, which I don’t blame them.  How much fun can it be, being stuck in a bathroom with nothing to do, while it takes mom forever to get ready, and the entire time getting fussed at for touching anything!  Yeah, this is why we pretty much avoid going anywhere these days…  It wouldn’t be so bad if my husband wasn’t sleeping.  Usually I’m so frustrated by the time we do leave the house, all I want do is go back to bed.  I feel like I have already had a full day, and at that point I need a serious break to regroup.  But it always ends up being worth it.

I’m also going to state for the record, this time change bites!  I enjoy having longer evenings, where we can go for walks, and the kids can play outside longer, but losing that hour of sleep, always seems like so much!  And it seems to take a couple of days for us to adjust…  Last year, the little man had a really hard time when we sprung forward, I’m hoping we don’t have a repeat this year.
We did go over to the in-laws today, and it was a nice day.  The little man got to play with his cousins, and got to run around the house, and not listen or mind…  He thinks he can do whatever he wants sometimes, and it can easily drive you crazy or cause one to get a little frustrated (no, not me).  He can open the doors at the in-laws house, so he was going in & out, in & out, in & out all afternoon.  They also have stairs, so he would run in and make a bee line right for the stairs.  The stairs make me nervous, we don’t have stairs so therefore M isn’t used to going up & down stairs.  Not to mention the in-laws have a lot of breakable stuff, and M likes to touch everything, so that makes me nervous.  Then there is the pool, we don’t have a pool, and what kid isn’t curious about water, so you guessed it, that makes me nervous.  So, as if I’m not always on my toes when it comes to my kids, I feel like I got to be on top of M nonstop the entire time.   Yes, I’m that parent that hovers over their child…  I’m that same parent that also thinks my son and daughter will live with me until they are say 50, they also aren’t allowed to date until then either.  Some might would say I need a reality check!

The little man did have a good time, he enjoyed running in & out of the house, and having mom, dad, grandpa, and uncles chase him up & down the stairs, he enjoyed getting into everything of grandma’s, and most importantly he enjoyed playing with his cousins!  I think all the kids had fun today getting to play in the bounce house.  The get togethers are always nice, but you have a small window, and once that window closes, it turns into meltdown city.  I usually try to make sure we get out of there before our kids hit that point, but today we didn’t.  Come 5:00, all the kids started crying, and getting fussy.  M & A weren’t really that bad until we got home, but once we walked into our house, we couldn’t do anything to please the little man!  So, this evening hasn’t been very relaxing if you really want to know.  But I guess in the grand scheme of things, it was all worth it!  The little man had fun, mama & daddy got to enjoy hanging out with family, and the little girl got adored by everyone, even though she wouldn’t let anyone really hold her…

And congratulations to Ben & Tori on their engagement!  Wishing you two a lifetime of happiness!  And Tori, welcome to the family...

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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