8 Months...

Sweet baby girl, you are so beautiful!   Mama loves to hear you laugh…  Mama loves to you see smile…  Mama loves to hold you tight…  Mama loves to see your big brown eyes light up with excitement…  Mama loves to soothe you, when you are upset or not feeling well…  Mama loves everything about you!  You are my baby girl, and I absolutely adore you!  I feel like so much has happened over the past 8 months, but yet I can’t believe you are already 8 months old.  Before I know it, we will be celebrating the day we brought you into this world.  As it will be a joyous day, it will also be an emotional day for your mama.

What are you currently up to:
  •    Little one, I don’t know what we are going to do, when it comes to you and eating…   You are so picky!   You still love your prunes, and you would eat prunes around the clock if I would let you.  This past month you have decided that you like applesauce, apple banana and strawberry sauce, and that is about it.   You still won’t eat anything green.  But, you will eat carrots, squash and sweet potatoes.  We have tried giving you some finger snacks, but you aren’t quite sure what to do with them.  I can tell this is going to be a slow process.
  •   You still won’t drink any water!  We have to force you to take a sip of water, and that is all it is, a sip.
  •  You are pulling yourself up, on any and everything you can get your hands on.
  • You have started cruising, but don’t yet understand you have to move both your feet and hands.  Most of the time you just move your hands, and end up falling…
  •   Baby girl, you are going to have some killer legs the way you love to bounce up and down!
  •   You’re still wearing some 3 month clothes, but mostly you are wearing 6 to 6-9 months.  You’re still pretty thin, the other day when we took you to the doctor you weighed in at 16.8lbs.
  •   Your still my little drama queen, you are very vocal when you aren’t happy!
  •  You cut another tooth, and it has been pretty dramatic since then.  So you have a total of two teeth on the bottom.
  •   You are finally getting better at riding in the car!
  •    Over the last month, you have become the worst sleeper.  The doctor thinks it is related to you teething.
  •   You and bubba have really gotten into playing together.  It is so sweet to watch you two together. 
  •     You have very strong facial expressions.  If you don’t like something, your face says it all.
  •    You are still very demanding…  But mama has gotten a little better at getting on a schedule.
  •     Girl you rock out some dada!  Mama wants some of that love!  The only time you say mama, if you are crying, mad or hungry…  You are blabbing a lot.  It is so cute, to see you trying to have conversation with your brother.
  •     You are a very determined little girl!  You don’t let much stand in your way, of you getting what it is you want.
  •    You definitely want to be on the floor playing vs being held.
  •    You are so curious...  I love to watch you crawl like a mad woman when you see something you want.  And the way you move the object around in your hands, as if you are inspecting it, is too funny.
  •     Your favorite spot is still the window, but now it is any window.  You like to stand at the back door and watch what is going on outside, and tease the dogs.
  •     You can now stand on your own for about 5-10 seconds before you fall down.
  •     You have also developed a nasty habit of biting.  I hope this is just because you are teething.
  •     You have discovered Baby Einstein, and love to watch the videos.  You will scream and laugh through the entire video.
  •     You love your feet, but so does mama!
  •     And all toys are meant for your mouth right now…
  •    You are also able to use a walker, but you are more interested in playing with the walker, than actually trying to walk...

I’m sure there are more things than what mama has listed, but due to the lack of sleep, mama’s brain isn’t working like it once did.  Baby girl, we sure do love you!  Your smile makes our hearts melt, along with your laugh.  You are such a special little girl, and you are so loved.  I can’t believe today you are 8 months old.

Happy 8 months sweetie!

xoxo, Shanna

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