Teasing the ducks...

Can I just say what a day!  It started out okay, but it didn’t take long for an okay day to turn into a stressful day for me.  I went to the doctor today at lunch because I thought I had a UTI, and come to find out I do, along with a kidney infection.  Well ,they ended up doing a CT scan because they thought I might have kidney stones due to the bad back pain I am having, I don’t thank goodness, but something else showed up on the scan, that now results in me having to see another doctor next week, to have another test done.  Why did this have to happen on Friday, for me to stress over all weekend, about what could or couldn’t be!?!  There is nothing I can do until Monday, when I can finally schedule an appointment with this other doctor, and I can’t stand waiting.  I have no patience!  And why when you go see one doctor, you almost always have to end up going to see another doctor!?!  I’m sure it’s nothing, but remember I obsess over everything!
Enough about me!
The little man has had such an awesome week.  He did great this week at school, both days.  I’m glad it didn’t take long for him to get use to school.  I just wish it wasn’t spring break next week, since he enjoys it so much…  The kiddos got to go to the park today and feed the ducks…  The little man is so funny, he doesn’t really feed the ducks, he more like feeds himself.  Poor ducks, they are getting teased by a two year old!

The kiddos are in bed, and I guess that is where I’m getting ready to be…  Just wanted to enjoy some peace and quiet…  This might be my only opportunity this weekend, to get some peace and quiet, since the husband will be busy working all weekend.  Hope wherever you are, you have a nice weekend.  Not sure what the kiddos and I will end up doing tomorrow.  I have a lot of laundry that needs to get done, so that is probably what our Saturday will be like, doing laundry.  We do have plans on Sunday to spend the day or afternoon with family, so that will be nice.  The little man will enjoy getting to play with his cousins, I’m sure.  And the little lady, will love being adored by whoever will adore her.  Happy Friday!
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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  1. Keep me posted on what's going on w/ your test results. I didn't think that as soon as I got out of the woods you'd head in. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



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