I love these moments...

You ever have those days that physically your there, but mentally your somewhere else!?!  That has been me all day.  I feel like a zombie...  Today has been rough.  Around 1:00 this afternoon, I had to go take a short nap in my car.  The lack of sleep, plus everyone in our house being sick the last few days has more than taken its toll on me.  The kiddos are feeling some better, thank goodness! 

I love watching these two play together!

Look at that precious bottom…  These are the same bloomers

A wear in her newborn photo session…  

They play so well together…

And that makes mama so happy!  I love to see you two laughing at/with each other!

And moments like this melt my heart.  I love to see them giving each other a hug!  It appears bubba isn’t caught up in the moment, but it is still sweet.  This little girl, loves her bubba! 
Tomorrow I have plans to get my hair cut and colored…  It needs it so bad, the past few days I haven’t even tried to fix my hair.  So, I’m looking forward to being pampered a little tomorrow.  I am a little nervous, I am trying out a new salon.  I have had the hardest time, finding someone that can cut & style my hair they way I want.  So, I hope tomorrow I end up liking this person.
I'm calling it a night…  I’m sure my sweet angel will be up around 1:00, so I need to try and get some rest, before I’m up for 2-3 hours with her.   

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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