And this has been my day...

How has your day been!?!  Well, glad you asked, it has been, let me see:
·         Well, first thing this morning A woke up at around 1:00, and kept me up till about 3:00 this morning.  Thanks baby girl, I truly am getting used to our early morning sessions.  But, I will say I do miss my sleep, and so does my brain!
·         Then, while trying to iron my top this morning I burned my leg, actually it was my calf.  I’m sure you’re wondering how in the world did you burn your calf, while ironing your top!?!  Well, I will tell you how.  I’m lazy, and I didn’t want to get the ironing board out of the closet in my sons room, so, I just laid my top on the floor, and decided I would iron my top on the floor.  Since my brain is out on holiday right now, I didn’t pay any attention to the fact that my leg was being used as a resting place for the iron.  Ouch!  Kinda like the other day, when I was fixing some toast, and I went to pull it out of the oven without an oven mitten, yeah not too smart!
·         My face broke out in hives today, still not sure what caused this.  But let me say, this isn’t cool right before you go into a meeting.  I tried not to make eye contact with anyone.  They were probably thinking who brought the clown to the meeting.  All I could think about was, keep your head down, and no one will notice...
·         This afternoon, I get a call from the husband.  It went a little something like this, hey whatcha doing, oh nothing honey just sitting here at my desk picking my nose…  What are you doing, the same, great glad you called.  Come to find out, he did have a reason for calling me, he wanted to let me know that the school M is going to has an opening available for A.  GREAT, NOT!  So, the little lady will be starting school come April.  Insert here, stressing parent!
·         This evening has been full of sucking snot out of my children’s noses, sounds like fun doesn’t it.  Try not to be jealous!
·         While washing dishes tonight, I sliced my thumb open.  Again Ouch!
·         Since my brain is out on holiday, I had to do the post in a list format, it doesn’t require much thinking on my part.
·         I do need my brain to come back, or I’m going to seriously end up hurting myself!  And btw, who gave my brain the okay to take a holiday... 

This is how we get things done in our house…  Who runs your house?  We like to think we do, but I’m no fool, that boy has us wrapped around his finger!  He says jump, and we say how high!

Hope you have had a fabulous Hump Day!  The kiddos are in bed, and that is where I’m getting ready to be…  I can honestly say, it is going to probably be a long night, since both kiddos are full of snot!

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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