A nice Saturday...

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today!  So the little man and I, were able to spend some time outside today.  We also got to enjoy a little time with the husband/daddy before he had to head off to work, that was a nice little surprise.  And both kiddos took nice long naps today, pretty much at the same time.  So you better believe this mama, enjoyed the quiet time.  No TV, no computer, just me on the couch enjoying the beautiful day and some peace & quiet time.

  Do you see what I see!?!  I finally got a picture of my angel standing on her own...  I think this little one, will be walking before much longer...

Thank you sweet angel, for sleeping through the night, the

 past two nights!  


The little man loves to be outside!  His new favorite activity is blowing bubbles…  But he actually ends up making more a of mess, than really blowing bubbles…  Oh well, as long as he is happy and having fun, that is all that matters, right!

Maddox 3

He played a little T-ball…  It was so cute watching him, and him getting so tickled when he would actually hit the ball…
Maddox 2

And he rode his little three wheeler…
Maddox 1

It was a very nice Saturday, we did miss BPat & Jar today, and we hope they get to feeling better soon.  The kiddos are in bed, and that is where this mama needs to be.

Hope you had a nice Saturday also!
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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  1. M & A certainly seemed to have a great day today. I can't believe that A is standing by herself. Those first steps are just around the corner. That middle picture of A, I swear you can almost see her tonsils her mouth is open so wide. Lol. How funny. Oh, and M looked like he had a great te outside. Especially with his T-ball and his three wheeler. His picture with Ty was so precious. We missed y'all today also. Thanks for the well wishes. Love you. XOXO




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