A evening full of meltdowns & tantrums, oh my...

Boy has it been a long evening…  The husband brought both of the kiddos up to my office today, since he had to be downtown for a meeting, and I still had work that I needed to finish before I could leave the office.  The kiddos were in pretty good moods for the most part.  The women at work entertained A while I finished what I needed to finish so we could get out of the office, which was really nice.  And of course A enjoyed being adored.  The little man pretty much stayed by my side, and really didn’t even make a sound.  Once we got home, we all got to enjoy a nap, we played outside, ate dinner together, and then something happened, not sure what, but both kiddos went into full meltdown mode!  I couldn’t get either of them to stop crying or throwing tantrums…  And the little man isn’t usually like this.  They are both finally in bed, and I’m so glad to finally have some peace & quiet… My ears needed a break from the screaming that M was doing tonight.  I feel bad for him, seriously nothing I gave him or did for him, would make him happy…  He would ask to watch Buzz, I would turn it on, and then he wanted Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I switched it to Mickey Mouse, then he would start crying and screaming Buzz…  REALLY!  Please make-up your mind little man, we can’t watch both!  He didn’t want sissy or me to touch him.  And the final straw of the evening, he wanted his Toy Story pajamas, which they were’t clean, because he wore them the other night, and the little man just fall apart.  He was screaming Buzz, and wouldn’t let me put his other jammies on.  I would try putting his pants on, and he would take them off, same with the shirt…  I finally did get them on, after having to wrestle with him, but come tomorrow morning, they might not be on.  A nice afternoon with the kiddos quickly turned into a nightmare of an evening.


 As you can see, our afternoon was very nice.  The kiddos had fun playing outside…  Baby boy, mama doesn't like to see you this upset...  I hate that you had such a rough evening!


This little one, was all about her brothers mower…

I did get some good news this evening regarding my Nana!  She has been in a rehab center since the end of February, and it looks like she will be released come April 5th.  She is doing much better.  She will still have to go to adult daycare, but she will be able to return back home, and be amongst on own stuff.  She is eating better, and is now able to walk, with the help of walker on her own.  I am so relieved, that things turned around the way they did.  Back in February, things weren't good, and she was going down hill fast, but once they got the infections taken care of, got her on fluids, and put her in the rehab center, everything got better.  We don't fully know what is going to happen when she gets home.  She will still need a lot of help, but hopefully with her going to daycare, and us having someone come to the house to help out, we will be able to keep her at home, and out of a nursing home as long as possible.  

This mama is about to visit dreamland, probably not for long, since my precious angel will probably be up come midnight, but I will take what I can get right now...  

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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