A grumpy kinda Sunday...

This Sunday morning has been filled with a lot of this…


And a lot of this…


It is fair to say, we are a little grumpy today in this household!  There has been a lot of screaming, crying, and not wanting to share!


We have good days and bad days, and today I guess is going to fall under a bad day.


Baby boy, mama is ready for nap time too.

My house is a mess, I have a ton of laundry that needs to be done, a sink full of dishes that need to be cleaned, and I don't feel like doing anything, but being lazy!  But yet, I'm tired of looking at the mess, the clothes in the hamper, and the dishes in the sink.  I guess I can't win!  Does anyone want to come over and take care of my chores for me!?!  Yeah, I didn't think so...

Happy Sunday!


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xoxo, Shanna

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