What I Wore Wednesday...

I must have been excited about today being Wednesday, or it just might be the fact, that my little angel decided to give mama another night of beauty rest.  She must have noticed the dark circles under my eyes, the fact that I wasn’t showering as much as I once was, and that my hair looked like a rats nest.  So, this morning I actually got out of bed on time, took a shower, fixed my hair, put makeup on, and put on some cute clothes today, or I think the outfit was cute.  I warned the girls today at work, it was going to be a diva kinda day! 

What did I wear today... 

Dress - Franceseca's
Cardigan - Target
Jeans - Express
Boots - Kenneth Cole
Flower - Anthro
Sunglasses - Gucci
***I had a scarf on earlier in the day, that was from Express.

I love to dress up, I love clothes, I love shoes, I love makeup, I love fixing my hair, but most of all, I love the confidence, it gives me!  I love feeling put together!  Since having kids, I can honestly say, this doesn’t happen but maybe once or twice a month.  I’m trying to get better, about dressing up and stop looking like I just left the gym everywhere I go, knowing I haven't been to the gym in over two years!  I have always been one of those gals that will pick out my clothes the night before.  So usually about 10:00 at night, when the kids are finally asleep, I hit the closest, pulling out whatever combination I have envisioned in my head, to make the perfect outfit for the next day, but lately those outfits haven't been getting woren.  I'm also trying to recycle the clothes in my closest, and find different ways to wear different pieces.  Since having kids, I don't have the funds that I once had to go buy new clothes.  But that's okay, I'm finding that I don't really need anything new, I just need to look in the mess of a closest I have, and work with what I have.  Because I have a lot!  And my husband can’t stand my side of the closest.  There are clothes, shoes and bras everywhere.  But as long as I can find what I’m looking for, I’m fine with the mess.  No one sees our closest but us.  But I will say, it is pretty bad!  So, maybe I will work on picking it up this weekend.  I said maybe I will, so if I don’t, I won’t feel bad about it. Because sitting around on my butt, is way more important, than picking up clothes, shoes and bras!

The kiddos got to go to the park today, to feed the ducks...  They must have had a pretty nice day, everyone seemed to be in a good mood when I got home from work tonight.  And M couldn't stop quacking, funny little man.  Which that's always nice, that means my evening is going to be pretty easy, and for the most part it has been.  I got to play with A, and got to cuddle with M before bed.  And that makes me a happy mama.  Hoping the little girl, is going to give mama another full nights rest.  I enjoy my sleep way too much! 

Hope everyone has had a nice Wednesday, and two more days of work, and I will be off for the weekend.  Looking forward to spending time with the family.

Little one, you are so close…

I don’t know what I going to do, when you figure it all out, and you are able to crawl!

Because you are almost there…  You are my little mover & shaker!  You are constantly moving.

Hey cutie, are you winking at mama!?!  I love watching you, try to copy what I’m doing!

The little man was all about George…  We watch a lot George in this house…

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna


  1. Hi honey. I'm glad to hear that Lady Ashlynn has been sleeping through the night. I know you haven't been getting much rest in the evenings and that makes for an extremely long day/week. It's also good to see that you and the little man have been getting your cuddle time. Life is good. I love the outfit you wore today. You looked gorgeous and rested. Can't wait to see y'all Saturday. We love y'all. XOXOXO

    Much love,

    Auntie Pat. (BPAT)

  2. Love the outfit! I too, am in the same rut as you.... Sometimes I have a hard time remembering when I showered last....ewww, I know! And I certainly haven't fixed my hair or put on makeup since Jake has been born except maybe a time or two. Baseball hats for me!!!!
    I can't believe little A is already trying to crawl... Time flies.... Jake is already 2 months tomorrow- it certainly doesn't feel like I've been off for 2 months...especially since I have to go back in a week.... Boo, i just want to stay home!


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