Baby it's cold outside...

It has truly been cold this week…  I’m fine with a day or two of cold weather, but that’s about it.  That’s why I live in the south.   I can’t seem to get warm, and it is driving me a little crazy…  Which some would say, I’m already crazy.    I’m that person that not only talks to myself, but you can catch me answering myself too.   
I ended up having lunch with my girlfriend yesterday.  It was such a nice treat.  I truly miss the time, that we once spent together.  Things truly change when you have kiddos.  I thought once we had kids we would get together for play dates, but that hasn’t really happened.  My girlfriend is going to Hawaii in a month, and I have to say, I’m jealous.  I would love to be on the beach with my toes in the sand, and a drink in my hand.  The only problem with that picture is, I wouldn’t want anyone to see me in a swimsuit.  I’m having the hardest time losing the weight I gained in my last pregnancy.  Probably because I’m still eating like I’m pregnant.  I would say, that's the problem.  I’m still having the cravings, and they are really strong cravings.  Something needs to give, because my pants aren’t.  I was hoping once the new year rolled around, I would stop eating like a mad woman.   I was looking at a picture the other day of when I was pregnant with A, it was around this time last year, and I’m smaller in that picture than I am now.   I’m just in a funk, and I don’t know how to get myself out of it.  It’s like I’m having a love affair with food, and I am afraid to give it up, because it's so good.  Isn’t that sad!  I guess I’m going to have to go on the Special K diet…  Because the Hershey Kisses diet isn’t working...  I’m so glad the Hershey Kisses are finally gone at work, thanks to yours truly.  I can seriously feel my thighs & butt getting bigger!
I’m taking tomorrow off, but it's going to be a busy day.  We have a speech therapist coming in the morning to work with Maddox.  His speech has been a little delayed, so his doctor thought it might be best if we brought someone in to work with him.  For what ever reason, this has had me stressed.  Not sure why, this is normal, and part of life.  I guess I’m stressed, because you want nothing but the best for your child, and I guess I’m questioning myself, if I’m part of why M is delayed.  I will be glad to get the visit out of the way tomorrow, and see how this is all going to work.  Then, I didn’t realize until Wednesday, that A has a doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon, right in the middle of naptime, for M.  Not smart planning on my part.
Speaking of A, this little one has some attitude, take a look for yourself:

Don’t get on her bad side, or try to take her toy.  Bubba just thought he was going to take the toy from her, but you can see that didn’t happen.  She is 6 months old, and can already stand her own ground. 

We cool, all is good... I will back away from your toy… 
My poor baby boys face keeps breaking out.  I’m not sure what is causing his face to get so red right around his mouth.  We have tried several different lotions, but nothing seems to be working.  We I will be talking to the doctor tomorrow about this. Yes, I'm that mother that goes to the doctor for one child, but brings up the problems that are going on with the other child...
The kiddos are in bed, and that is where I'm headed.  Tomorrow will be here before I know it. 

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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