Hello beautiful day...

I have spring fever in a bad way, and today didn’t help!  It was a gorgeous day, and I wish I would have had the day off, to play outside with the kiddos.  It was too pretty of a day, to be locked inside an office all day.  I’m definitely over winter, and ready for the warmer weather!  Now, come the middle of June I be complaining that I’m over summer and ready for fall.  I do this every year…
This morning started a little sooner than I wanted it too.  My little man was the one this morning that woke up at 4:00!  Not sure why, but he won’t sleep in our bedroom, so that meant we were going to be sleeping on the couch, or that was what I was hoping for, sleep!  But no, he wanted George.  So I started my day off, with George.  He sure is a cute little monkey, but at 4:00 in the morning, the only thing I want to see is the back of my eyelids.  It was nice getting to cuddle with the little man.  I take full advantage of that time, since I don’t get it very often.  

(yes I'm aware his jammies don't match)

We have an appointment in the morning with the speech therapist.  I sure hope tomorrow’s appointment goes well.  I’m ready to be off for two days.  I’m hoping for some rest this weekend, but I hope for rest every weekend, and it usually doesn’t happen.  But I seriously just might take a nap on Saturday when my Aunt & Uncle come over.  The lack of sleep this week has really gotten to me, and I have been pretty grumpy.  I’m ready to kick this nasty mood to the curb.  So maybe this weekend, I will be able to get myself in check.

This is what you get, when M gets a hold of the camera…

I have probably over 100 pictures, just like this…  But it sure does put a smile on my face each time I upload them to the computer.  You are a silly little man!

And you are definitely mommy’s lil champ!
I hope everyone had a nice day, and tomorrow is Friday.  I will be doing my happy dance come 5:00 tomorrow.

Do you see what I see!?!  The little girl is already trying to pull herself up.  She just started crawling yesterday… 

Sweet little girl, you worked hard for that remote tonight...
The kiddos are in bed, and that is where I will be here shortly. 
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna 

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