My sweet little angel...

This afternoon, my sweet little angel got sick, and hasn’t been able to keep anything down since then.  I can’t stand, when my babies are sick.  All she has wanted to do is sleep.  And all mama has wanted to do, is hold her tight, and kiss that precious face!  I hope by tomorrow morning, you are feeling much better.  I want to see your smile, and hear you laugh!
Before A got sick, we were having a really nice day.  The kiddos played pretty well together this morning, which was nice.  We got M the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie last night, and he was excited about getting to watch it this morning.  And it was a nice change for mama.  Mama loves George, but mama also gets tired of watching nothing but George!  My little angel was all over the floor this morning, getting into everything.  I just wish I knew what caused her to get so sick.  If she still isn't able to keep anything down tomorrow, we will be taking her to the doctor.

Hey bubba, can I play too…

Are you listening to me!  I said I want to play too!

Bubba, sissy wants her toy! 

Bubba, can we please play together…

Sweet babies are holding hands…

Look at sissy, she has the arm up, blocking bubba from

 getting her toy…  She is too funny, and she can hold her

own when it comes to M.

Bubba, I will share…  Can we make a trade…?

Not a chance!

Remember I said they played pretty well together, not they

played well together...

My Aunt & Uncle came over today, as they do every Saturday.  I’m thankful they were able to be here today, to help out.  The little man was pretty wound up this afternoon, and it was nice having an extra set of hands, since A needed some one on one time, and special attention, since she was sick.  Sometimes I wish I had 10 of me, I know nobody else wishes that, but I'm pulled in so many different directions, it is hard to keep up, and give everyone what they need.  I feel like I constantly have someone pulling at me…  I’m physically & emotionally drained.  Welcome to mommyhood!
I did try a new dish tonight, I made Fettuccine Alfredo.  It was pretty good, but I’m more of a red sauce kinda gal!  But M and everyone else liked it, so that makes me happy!  My Aunt also made me some more Peppermint Bark, and I have eaten so much of it today, that I think I have made myself sick.  I just can’t stay out of it!

This dinner got two hands up!

Mama’s glad you liked it…  Say “cheese”!

My sweet angels are in bed, and that is where I'm headed...  Looking forward to our family day tomorrow.  Hoping to do nothing but relax, and hang with the husband and kiddos!

Sweet angel, I sure hope you feel better come tomorrow!

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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