Oh how I could do without Mondays...

It never seems to fail, for whatever reason I always seem to wake up in a crabby mood on Mondays.  I wish it wasn’t that way, but it always seem to be that way.  My husband might tell you I always wake up in a crabby mood, it’s not only on Mondays, but I wouldn’t listen to him.  I ended up taken half day of vacation this morning, to be home with the little angel.  She seems to be doing some better.  But oh poor M, all he wanted was to watch George this morning, and mama didn’t want to watch George.  The poor baby boy cried and screamed, and we are talking big crocodile tears!  Of course he got his way, but it amazes me, once George came on, it was as if it never had happened.  And I can’t believe he threw such a fit over not being able to watch George.  Which this just made me even crabbier!   So, today wasn’t the best morning for us.  I’m just truly not a fan of Mondays!  While he was crying & screaming, I was screaming too.  Which, I shouldn’t have done, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mama that has gotten caught up in the moment of dealing with a baby that does need you because they are hungry, and then another child throwing a fit for no reason, and then before you know it you are screaming, STOP CRYING!  I was little overwhelmed I guess you could say this morning, M was very demanding from the second I got him out of bed this morning, and for pete’s sake, I didn’t even have both of my eyes open yet.  Of course after it was all over with, and I got A taken care of, I sat down with M and told him I was sorry for yelling, and I loved him very much, and that he was my baby boy.  All is good for now, until our next yelling match…  See ya next Monday, same time & place okay…

(that is lipstick on his cheek)

Mama truly is sorry for being so cranky earlier!  I do love you with all my heart!

The little girl was up most of the night again, my husband said he didn’t get her back to bed until 3:00 this morning.  Yes you saw that right, 3:00 this morning!  I started out with her, but around 1:00, I woke my husband up and told him he had to help me.  He had already gotten a good four hours of sleep, it was my turn.  The weekends are always really long for me, because I’m the one up with the kiddos during the day, and then if one of them gets up at night, I also pull the night shift, and the night shift has been being pulled a lot lately.  Maybe this is why Monday’s are so hard for me…  Can you have a vacation from life!?!  Because I need one.  Between work, taking care of the kiddos and not getting much sleep, I’m beyond ran down.  I don’t like being in a bad mood, I like laughing and joking around, being loud, and just plain silly, that is what I like and that is who I am.  But instead I’m not a pleasure to be around right now…  I was hoping once I had a shower today and got dressed for work, it would put me in a better mood, and maybe help me wake up a little, but it hasn’t.  Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day, please oh please be a better day!

Hey sweetie, please stay asleep tonight!  Mama does love spending time with you, but mama also needs rest.  Thank you in advance for giving me a restful night’s sleep, or so I hope!

This evening on my way home from work, I just enjoyed the peace and quiet.  I really do require quiet time.  I need to be able to process everything that is going on in my head.  My mind is constantly going full speed, and it wears me out.  What a wonderful post today, it’s all about my crappy mood.  It's life, not everyone can be in a great mood 24/7, I believe everyone has an off day or bad mood.

This evening when I got home, we had dinner and gave both of the kiddos baths.  We have finally moved A to the bathtub, and she seemed scared of it.  So she was crying, and wanting me to hold her.  I guess next time, I might try taking a bath with her to see if that might help.  She might have gotten scared too, because M was running around and being loud and splashing water on her, and she didn't like that at all.  But after her bath, we came into my bedroom, and cuddled before bed.  This is always my favorite part of the night, cuddling with the kiddos before bed.  When M was a baby, I was the one that always put him to bed.  I miss not having that time with M anymore.  I do get to cuddle with him some, but it isn't the same.  My baby boy, isn't a baby anymore.

Hey beautiful, mama is glad you're feeling better!  

My little angel is teething, thank goodness we have Sophie!

Get down and give me 20…  This little one is already trying to stand up.  I’m scared she might be like her mama and start walking at 7 months.  I’m not ready for this.

This little turkey has pulled all of his toy bins out…  This is how my day has felt, a total disaster.  

The kids are in bed, and that is where this mama needs to be.  Truly hoping for a better day tomorrow.  Tuesdays are always better.  I just had a case of the Monday Blues.

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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  1. Hi honey. Just hang in there. Everyone has bad days and I would just imagine when you're a mother & trying to be the perfect mother (as most mothers are) and give your children everything they need: physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, etc it's very rewarding however, it is also difficult. Then, with the economy the way that it is so many mothers have to work as well as the fathers and it's hard and stressful and everyone's losing sleep. But.....then as you very well know, when you walk into the room or look up from what you're doing and you see their little faces and they're smiling up at you or you hear their laughter or they kiss you and hug you so tight it melts your heart and you remember as always, this is what it's all about and it's all worth it. I love you and your family very much Shanna. Have a wonderful evening with your wonderful family and get some much needed rest.

    Auntie Pat


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