The photographer and his model...

Bubba, are you helping sissy with her portfolio...?

Looking adorable as always sissy! 

I think sissy has something else in mind…  I know that smile, and what it means...

Bubba she is getting closer…

You better watch out…

I believe I will take this if you don’t mind…

Thanks bubba, but I will take my own photos…  Poor little man, he got his camera taken away by a 6 month old. 
This morning started pretty early.  I was hoping my kiddos would let me sleep in, but it was just wishful thinking!  The little man woke up pretty demanding this morning.  Within the first two minutes of him being up, he wanted his milk, waffle and nana (banana).  Which that's all great, but I was still trying to wake up and open my eyes, and lets just say I wasn’t moving fast enough for him.  So he started screaming, nana nana nana…  Okay, I got it!  Little turkey butt!  So we ate our breakfast and watched a little George.  That is our morning routine.   
It was another gorgeous day here in Texas!  M & I went outside to play this morning while sissy took her morning nap.  I couldn’t believe how warm it was already, and how good it felt to be out in the sun.  The little man had fun getting to play outside with the dogs.

The little man played some basketball…

 Izzy chasing M, she wanted her tennis ball…

Little man, why are you sticking your tongue out at mama!?!

Mama, I have a new game…  Let’s throw the ball over the fence, and then use the golf club to get it…  Sure, why not!

You’re such a clever little man!

Way to go little man, you got it!  We did this several times this morning…  And each time, he wanted me to clap & cheer with excitement, as if it was the first time!

I love you so much, my sweet baby boy!
My grandparents come over today, along with my Aunt & Uncle.  It was nice getting to visit with everyone.  I always enjoy the help and company on Saturdays.  After M woke up from his afternoon nap, we took the kiddos back outside, but it was little too windy for my baby girl, so she had to play inside.  My Uncle took M to the park, and according to my Uncle, M was in heaven getting to run around with the other kids.  Goal accomplished, he was wore out!
On Saturdays I usually cook dinner.  I've been trying to cook a new dish each week, but this week I didn't have time or the energy to find a new dish, so I fixed everyones favorite, tomate sauce with cream.  So here I am, fixing dinner for five, when my Aunt & Uncle tell me that they have to go and won't be able to stay for dinner, which I totally understood.  But then my husband tells me, that he isn't going to eat dinner with us either.  It was just M & I for dinner, with a dinner that would feed a small army.  I guess the upside to this is, we have dinner for tomorrow, and I will have lunch for Monday.  This dish is always better the next day anyways.  But if I would have known it was going to just be M & me for dinner, I sure wouldn't have gone through the trouble of cooking tonight.  But I will say, it was so very Y-U-M-M-Y, we both enjoyed the dish!

The kiddos are in bed, it has been a pretty active day for everyone.  I’m enjoying the peace and quiet, but my cat is looking at me, as if it is time for bed.  I guess she wants to cuddle.  Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday! 

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna


  1. It was a much nicer day here too. Our temps were in the low 50's. We have snow heading this way this week, everyone is going to be very disappointed. The pics are beautiful. Looks like you all had a great day. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Thank you! Yesterday & today were beautiful days. Tomorrow is suppose to be pretty nice, but then we are suppose to get hit with a cold front come Tuesday. So it will be a long week for the kiddos.


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