Today's visit...

Today started really early for me, the little lady husband had me up at 1:30 this morning.  The little lady woke up around 1:00 this morning crying & screaming, so my husband got her out of bed, then he woke me up.  All I can say is, it has been an extremely long day, and I’m about to hit the sack!

Sweet angel has a tooth coming in… 

Today M had an appointment with his speech therapist.  I thought the little man did great.  The therapist is just amazed at how good M is at problem solving.  She is also impressed, at how well he does communicate with us, without actually telling us what it is that he wants or needs.  But during the visit today, she was telling us, how when A is playing with M’s toys, and he gets upset, we need to tell A that no, she can’t play with M’s toys,  or try to get M to say mine or no to her.  Really!  First of all, that is not how I want my son or daughter to be.  I don’t want him telling his sister, no she can’t play with his toys, or saying these are mine.  We have been trying to teach M to share.  Second, my son already knows how to say these two words.  I wasn’t overly impressed with what she said, and we won’t be teaching our son to do this.  I don’t understand why any mother or father would promote that.  I mean kids at this age, already think everything is theirs to begin with, and I thought we, as parents, were suppose to be teaching them to share.  Am I wrong?  Am I missing what she is trying to accomplish? 

Little man, you are truly the sweetest little boy I know!   I love to see you smile, and hear you laugh!  You have so much personality, and are so curious about everything!  You are just overall, an awesome little man!  I love you so much, and I’m so proud of you!
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

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