My least favorite day of the week...

I think Monday has to be my least favorite day of the week!  It is always so hard to get back in the groove of everything, after you have been away from work for a few days.  Last night I had it all planned, I was going to get up early, and actually fix my hair, put makeup on, and dress nice for work today.  Key word there is planned  Let’s just say a little girl of mine, that I love so very much, woke us up again last night crying.   So, after I finally got her back to bed at 6:00 this morning, I crawled back into bed.  I was just too tired to even think about fixing my hair, putting makeup on, and I especially didn’t feel like dressing up at this point.  The only thing I could think about was more sleep, and how much I needed it!  So pretty much, I rolled out bed and went to work today…   As you can see, it has been a lovely day! 
I honestly don’t know what to do about A not sleeping through the night.  She was doing fine a week ago.  The doctor did tell us, that her sleep pattern was getting ready to change, that at this age, their sleep cycle changes every 90 minutes, meaning they go in & out of deep sleep.  I have tried letting her cry it out, but I'm afraid she is going to wake M up, and it’s a lot easier handling one child in the middle of night, vs two children.  I do let her cry for about 15 minutes before I go get her, and she has to be really crying.  I don’t go in her room if she is just making sounds, to confirm her voice still works, which she does often.  But, I do truly need sleep.   I have thought about taking the day off, and checking into a hotel so that I could get a good 8 hours of sleep.  I’m not joking!   The husband wouldn’t be okay with this, at all!  So, this wouldn’t ever happen, but it is such a nice thought.  I would check in to a nice hotel, which would have really comfy beds, and room service.  I pass several hotels on my way to & from work, and each time, all I can think about is the wonderful sleep I could get there, and it would be worth it, to me!  Hoping for a much better Tuesday, and just maybe a goodnights sleep tonight! 
The kiddos are now in bed, and that is where I’m headed.  Because I have a feeling, in about 2 or 3 hours, the little lady will have one of her parents up.  And when I say one of her parents, it will be me!  Her daddy might start out with her, but she will scream & fuss until I come and get her.  She loves to cuddle up on my chest, and fall asleep.  I know, how sweet is that, and it is, but after doing it every night for a week, mama needs a break.

You sure do love your mama!

And your mama sure does love you!

See ya in few hours…

Look at M when he was 6 months old, he's my little chunky


Sweet baby boy, I sure do love you!
Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna

Speaking of the little lady, here are few pictures of her this evening.  Look how tiny she is...

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