Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog...

Today we are doing the hot dog dance…  What, you don’t know about the hot dog dance!?!  Then you are missing out!  We love the hot dog dance at our house!

My little girl slept through the night last night, hip hip hooray!  I can’t tell you how good it felt to sleep a good 7 hours without having someone, wake me up crying and/or screaming!   Then, for the treat of the day, I got to have lunch with my girlfriend!  Not to mention, I squeezed my butt into my favorite jeans, I sure have missed them.  A good pair of jeans is like a good song, you can rock’em, no matter what!  I probably did look like I was poured into them today!  Remember back in the 90’s when the girls would wear Rocky Mountain jeans?  I do, I had several pair, and oh my, how I would wear them so tight.  So, the jeans I had on today, remind me of those.  Let me just state for the record, I can’t believe I wore jeans this tight, and how uncomfortable it is.  And my butt isn’t what it was, 15 years ago!   But I was excited, I was able to pull the zipper up, and button them, I didn’t even have to lie down on the bed, to accomplish this!  I just wish the 2% stretch, would have helped me a little more today!  Back to the closest they go, maybe in another 6 months, I can try them on again…  I’m hoping, with summer around the corner that will motivate me to lose the last few pounds I have left from my last pregnancy!  Little A, you sure did a number on your mama’s body!  Maybe I should start a blog diet, each day, I should have to document what I ate.  Maybe that would force me, to eat a little better.  Speaking of which, I have been trying to cook a little more.  So last night, I told my husband what I was planning on cooking this coming Saturday, which I was all excited about (btw, it doesn't take much to excit me).  When he turns to me, and tells me, “couldn’t you cook something that was a little healthier?”  Sure honey, but since when did fried chicken strips and french fries you’re cooking, become healthy!?!  Not to mention, your wife just offered to cook dinner, take it or leave it, right!

I don’t usually listen to music, but today, on my way to lunch to meet my girlfriend, I turned the radio on, and I forgot how good music and dancing in the car can make you feel.  I’m sure anyone that passed me, probably thought I was on crack, but who cares right, we have all done it at one point or so in our life I’m sure.  It’s the simplest pleasures in life that are enjoyed the most!

I am hoping for another restful night.  The lack of sleep is getting to me…  Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older, that is taking its toll on me. 

Kids, don’t try this at home…

Hey M, did you learn this from your daddy!?!

Just so you know, that isn’t what a drill is used for…

We are watching some George, trying to unwind, before bed. 

Goodnight sweet angels!

xoxo, Shanna


  1. Glad you got some sleep.....send some my way please!! And....I was just singing the hot dog song yesterday....me and Braden were watching the mickey mouse clubhouse!

    So....I made a healthy (I think) dish tonight that was yummy and super easy....chicken and steak kabobs with rice....I found a really good recipe for the marinade - I marinated the meats - and then skewered the meat with mushrooms, onions, green bell pepper, zuchinni, and pineapple. Then I broiled it in the oven (because I didn't want to grill in the cold!) for 8 minutes - and it was done!!! So easy!

  2. I would love to send some sleep your way! I remember how tired I was after having Ashlynn, and her not sleeping but maybe 2 hours before she was up again, wanting to eat. Plus, Ashlynn had a lot of tummy problems, so she was really fussy at night. Hopefully with Jake getting ready to be 2 months old, you will be getting some good sleep soon. When do you go back to work?

    The dish you made last night sounds good. Please send me the info for the marinade, or you can send me the website link.


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