And it's only Wednesday...

It’s only Wednesday…  It feels like I have put in more time for it to only be Wednesday, wait because I have…  I think I have worked harder while working from home, than when I’m in the office and I didn’t think that was possible, since I by nature always work hard.  So I’m ready to get back in the office so I can have break (but don’t tell my boss).  It’s too easy when you don’t have anything else to do, to work nonstop.  So pretty much I start working at 7:30, and don’t end until 5:30 or later.  The only thing missing is my chocolate duet cookie from Panera.  When I finally get released to drive, that just might be the first place I go!   Rocky road ice cream has nothing on that cookie, but it will have to do for now.

I have gotten into some really bad habits while being home.   The little man and I have become night owls over the last few weeks, not good.  We are usually in bed around 9:00, and since being home I have been staying up until midnight and the little man has been going to bed around 10:00 sometimes later.  And I don’t understand why it is different.  I’m working every bit more, as I do when I’m in the office, and have two screaming kiddos that are constantly getting into everything.  One would think that come 9:00 I would be passed smooth out, but it is the opposite.  I guess I crave the much needed quiet time that is why I have been staying up.  And we are still letting the little man sleep in our bed.  So, I have some hard habits that I need to start breaking. 


I am ready to break free, this house is closing in on me.  But I keep telling myself not much longer, but I still have a few weeks to go.   Someone might need to come help the husband and kiddos, if we keep going at the rate we are right now, I’m going to snap the mood I have been in.  And the next few weeks are going to be booked with doctor appointment after doctor appointment.  But I guess it is better to find all this out now vs later.  I’m just tired of stressing over everything.  I’m not the first to be diagnosed with these problems, and I won’t be the last.  I need to trust the doctors, and let them do their job.  I just hope I don’t get anymore surprises, I can’t take anymore.


Funny little moment, the little man and I were just getting ready for bed, and I went through the whole give mama a kiss, give me another one, and another one, okay one more…  You get the idea, I can do this for like 30 minutes.  So I said can you say I love you mama, then he turns around and farts three times in a row and says mama!  A kid after my own heart, I sure do love you!  Of course we both busted out laughing!  We are getting ready to enjoy some cuddle time, and watch a little George before we turn the lights out.  

Goodnight sweet angels!

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xoxo, Shanna

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