What I Wore Wednesday...

Today is the day, the day they take the stitches out…  I’m nervous, I’ve never had stitches removed before.  And when the doctor told me to take pain medicine before my visit, that caused me to become what some make call a nervous wreck, my anxiety has kicked in high gear, my jaws are locked, and I was grinding my teeth all night. I don’t deal well with anything that causes me pain!

Here is the stylish shoe I have been wearing for over a week.


Isn't it fabulous!?!  Don’t you wish you could be sporting one!  I’m so ready for the shoe and blue wrap to be gone!  But the shoe isn’t going anywhere anytime soon...

I will be linking up with The Pleated Poppy, for What I Wear Wednesday.  Not a lot to showcase this week, just one outfit.


Top - Target
Shorts - American Eagle
Sandal - Target

Happy Hump Day!  Cheers to a fabulous day!

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xoxo, Shanna


  1. Eeek, good luck with the stitches! I've had staples taken out, but it felt more so weird than painful. Love the shorts, American Eagle is by far my favorite place to shop for jeans/shorts!

  2. Stitches out aren't nearly as bad as your mind makes them out to be! You are gonna do great!! :)

  3. At least the shoe looks like it's easy to get on and off. Hope you're doing well!



  4. Love that top, very cute outfit!! Good luck with your foot. I think stitches being taken out just feels weird. That has been my experience, Good luck! Treat yourself afterwards =)

  5. Thank you ladies... Yeah, they ended up having to numb my foot to get the stitches out... xoxo, Shanna


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