Same place, a year later...

You know where I was last year at this time?


Bed rest, waiting the arrival of my precious baby girl!

You know where I am a year later?  Same place, but I’m not awaiting the arrival of a sweet baby.  But I am eating like I'm expecting one though.  Bring on the ice cream, cupcakes, any & everything sweet and I will be happy!

I was miserable then, and I’m miserable now!  Being stuck in the house, not being able to do anything but stare at the TV or computer, isn't much fun after so many days.  The doctor has me off of my foot, with instructions to keep it elevated pretty much all day.  Even when I sleep the foot is suppose to be elevated.  I have learned in life, nothing is ever easy when it comes to me!

But I am enjoying the family time.  I enjoy getting to wake up to my son vs the alarm.  I love to hear him come over to my side of the bed, and say mama, mama, MAMA! I enjoy getting to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with my family.  I enjoy having them around, even if they are getting to play while I have to work.  So, I'm not completely miserable since I do have two little ones that keep me pretty entertained throughout the day!


The little man and I stayed up late last night, or late for us.  We didn’t go to bed until almost 11:00, not a good habit to start.  So today we have been a little tired.  I have a feeling we will be going to bed here shortly.


Tomorrow is Friday, you got any big plans for the weekend?  My weekend will consist of a whole lot of nothing...  That's not true, because it will be loaded with lots of time with my babies, and I wouldn't trade that in for anything!  Even if I will be the bum on the couch with a jacked up foot, that screams if anyone gets near it.

Okay, off to bed we go...  Goodnight sweet angels!

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xoxo, Shanna

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