Oh Friday...

Oh Friday how I love thee!  That sounds funny to say with me being at home, but even though I’m at home, I’m pushing the 8-5…  So I was glad to close my inbox for a couple days today.  Month end is always a killer.  And, my weekend help arrived this afternoon, and I also look forward to the help.   
The only plus sides of being down & out are:
  •  Getting to be with my babies and husband around the clock…  Today I’m considering that a plus, next week it might not be.
  • The husband hiring someone to clean the house!  Total bonus!
  • My Aunt coming and staying each weekend to help take care of the kiddos while the husband works!  Love the help, and the company of course!
That’s all I got, everything else about this situation stinks!

I can’t believe we are already into July, and we are a week away from my baby turning ONE!  As I say all the time, I’M NOT READY FOR THIS!  I look at my sweet angel, and can’t believe a year has already passed. 

We got my sweet little angel her first pair of crocs, and she looks so adorable in them.  She is starting to look more and more like a toddler... 

The husband took the kiddos this morning to the bounce house, and my baby boy ended up having a bad fall.  He busted his knees up pretty bad, and has been walking a little funny this evening while complaining his knees are hurting. He was so upset when they got home, he settled down and fell asleep with his headphones on while listening to music on the iPad.  Poor baby boy, mama doesn't like to see you in pain and discomfort.

***Look at his poor knees!  They are red and swollen...

We are pretty tired in this house, the kiddos had a busy morning, and mama had a busy day working.  We are enjoying some cuddle time on the couch with BeeBee.

Happy end of the week!  Hope everyone has a wonderful & safe weekend!
Goodnight sweet angels!

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xoxo, Shanna

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  1. Please, do tell how you got your husband to agree to hiring help cleaning the house. Mine is so frugal that he thinks we couldn't possibly afford it. Needless to say, our house is never perfect!


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