I thought I wanted it...

How I longed and needed some  peace & quiet in my life…  But once I had it, I missed the sound of little feet hitting the tile, the sound of laughter, the screaming of mama, and the sound of my two precious babies playing together!  Sometimes just what you wish you had, isn’t what you truly wanted in the end.


It has been a long painful couple of days.  I pretty much slept Friday, Saturday and Sunday away.  I went to the doctor on Monday for my first post-op visit.  I was so out of it on Friday, I didn’t realize everything that had been done.  Yes I had a bone spur removed, but the bone spur was larger than what the X-ray and MRI showed.  Then, my toenail was embedded into my skin (from where it had grown back from when I had it removed back in 2010), and was wrapped around my toe/bone under my skin (I don't even understand how that is possible).  So, the doctor had to go in to remove part my toenail and the skin around my toe.  I have around 15 stitches right now, and my toe/foot hurts extremely bad (I have a few other choice words, but I’m going to keep it G rated).  I’m now off work for the next six weeks.  Once the stitches are removed, I will have to do some physical therapy.  What happened to this being an in/out surgery!?!  I did work some yesterday from home, but today I put in a good 7 hours of work (from home), and it left me very exhausted.  It’s fair to say tomorrow, I will need to take it a little slower than just jumping right in like I did today.

While mama has been in pain, grumpy, emotional, and crying like a baby…  The kiddos have been having fun and enjoying what summer has to offer.  Daddy took them to the bounce house yesterday... 


And today they went to a splash pad...  


Of course I’m glad my babies are getting to enjoy summer, and not having to be locked indoors like mama, but I’m sad that I missing ALL of it.  As I said last week, can I have a ticket to a pity party for one, please!

It has been a long day!

Goodnight sweet angels!

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xoxo, Shanna

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