You snooze you lose...

I’m going to blame it on that darn snooze button…  It gets me every time.  I will seriously snooze for an hour or two, before finally getting up!  I usually don’t roll out of bed, until I hear my husband moving around and making noises, suggesting that I've snoozed long enough.   By this time, I’m late wherever it is that I need to be.  And as usual I jump out of bed in a panic and start rushing around the house, fussing at anyone that gets in my way, trying to get out the door.  All because of the snooze button.  I need an alarm that doesn’t have one.  I’m not a morning person people, I love my sleep. 
The past two mornings we have gotten some rain, thankyousoverymuch, but for whatever reason some people feel that when it rains, more like sprinkles they need to drive 20 mph in a 45 mph zone.  REALLY!!!  And I always end up behind these said people...  The roads aren't wet, it is barely raining, and they feel the need to slow everyone else down by driving 25 mph under the speed limit.  Yes, this can make me (and I'm sure all the other people that are running late), really somewhat grumpy!  Of course once I passed this person, I see she is talking on the phone.  Again, REALLY and me wanting to slap the phone out of her hand!  I’m all about being cautious, but this driver took it to the extreme, but yet it was okay to talk on the phone.  Gun it hun, and get off the darn phone!  Most people that have to be at work by a certain time, are usually in hurry, they aren’t usually taking their sweet a double s time. 
I feel like today is a Monday for me, and I’m not a fan of Mondays so I don’t like when I have two of them in a row…

Moving on to our weekend recap, it was a very busy weekend, but it was great being surrounded by family! We had a birthday party at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning for my niece that is now FIVE. How did that happen!?!


Then we enjoyed some time with Papa, BeeBee and Dar.  The kiddos played and I passed out, seriously!  It was a very nice nap.

Sunday we spent the morning with Nana.  The kiddos look forward to seeing Nana on Sundays.   After leaving Nana, we had our Sunday lunch with Papa, BeeBee and Dar.  Having lunch or dinner out anywhere with two little ones is always a good time.  The little girl loves to people watch, and holler at them.  I sure hope no one gets offended.  And my sweet little man can’t be still.   I love messing up someone else’s kitchen, but I’m also really happy when we leave!

I also got to do a little shopping yesterday… And I’m afraid

 we are going to be in trouble with this little one…

Yes sweet pea, mama shopped until she dropped…


Or more like, until the money ran dry…

I love me some retail therapy!

Happy Tuesday, and cheers to it almost being over!

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xoxo, Shanna

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  1. You sound like me in the mornings! My problem is I tune out the clock. I don't even need a snooze button. When I do wake & I'm late, I'm a mad woman.

    It's a good thing you don't live where I do. No one around here can drive, rain or not. I swear people should have to retake the driving test every few years.

    Looks like you had a fun filled weekend. My little boy does that, yells and hollers at people as they go by. It's amusing to me but I don't know what the people think of it. Your darling daughter looks like she is going to love retail therapy as much as her momma. I feel for ya!

    Happy Wednesday friend- Hope the rest of your week goes better!


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