The new obsession...

My little boy has a new obsession…
Not only do we have the trains, the books, the puzzles, the train tracks…


We also have the Thomas the Train jammies and T-Shirts that he pretty much wants to wear all the time, even if they're dirty.  One could say, Thomas has taken over our house. 


Putting puzzles together, no problem.  He no longer needs our help, but he does want us right by his side, to praise him with a big ole good job, or maybe a hi-five.  And of course, when we aren't doing the first few things I have listed, then we are watching Thomas on TV or DVD or on Youtube...  We aren't ever away from Thomas, we are connected to him, someway or somehow at all times!  So as parents we roll with the obsessions.  We have gone through George, Toy Story, Mickey & Minnie, Cars and now Thomas.  I wonder who is next!?! 

This cute little girl has gone back to her old ways.  The past few nights, she has been crying and screaming in her crib for over 45 minutes.  First of all, it is torture having to listen to your child cry and scream.  Second, I don’t want her to feel like we have just abandoned her.   I don’t understand why all the sudden we are having these problems again.
She was sharing her dinner with bubba tonight...

My sweet angels!

My mouth feels like I was in the boxing ring with someone.  I’m still pretty swollen on the right side, but I did enjoy me a large Dr. Pepper today…
Happy Tuesday, cheers to a fabulous week, or not!
Goodnight sweet angels!

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xoxo, Shanna

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  1. We did my son's birthday in Thomas the Train. He didn't know so I chose the theme. I kinda like Thomas too.


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