Name & date of birth please...


Every Monday for the past month or so I have been going in for treatments.  And every nurse, doctor, and technician always ask the same question before they do anything.  Can you please state your first & last name and date of birth?  While this is a simple question, I have had the hardest time answering it correctly, on more than one occasion.  Last week I told the nurse my name was Shanna August, and then today I told the same nurse my name was August Constantine.  Yes, she found it quite amusing.  But, I was more than embarrassed.  I’m seriously losing my mind.  Stuff like this is happening more often than not, and I can’t blame it on pregnancy brain anymore, or old age.


You look back and laugh, but when you start counting how many times this has happened, it can become a little sad.  I’ve even started calling my son his sister’s name, and her bubba’s name.  I didn’t think this would start happening until I was well into my 50's or 60’s…  So much for thinking that.

Do you ever have moments like this?  Please tell me I'm not alone!  I know I'm different, a little off, or some say I beat to a different drum, whatever you want to call it, there has to be others like me.  We can comfort each other, and show support for one another or for just me...
At work now, I’m having to read over and over and over emails before I send them, and you wouldn’t believe how many changes I have to make before I send an email sometimes.  If my mind is on anything else, somehow those words or thoughts end up in my email, and if I ever pressed sent before proofing, I would have one really confused customer and probably a lot of explaining to do.  Sometimes, I just sit at my desk and shake my head and wonder how in the world I just came up with the email that is staring me in the face.  I’m usually a very wordy person when it comes to emails, but lately the shorter the better for me.

Yes baby girl, you might need to say a little pray for your mama...

My little munchkins started the first day of MDO.  The husband came home and said “do you hear that”?  The only thing I heard was me typing on the laptop so I responded with a, no what?  He was like pure silence!  He was right, and it was very nice to have a morning without all the chaos that we have every day.  It was also kinda nice having the husband and me both at the table working this morning. Ahh, we should do it again! 

I’m calling it an early night I believe; I have to be up at the crack of dawn to see my oral surgeon in the morning.  If I’m not seeing one doctor, I’m seeing another.  I told my husband not to be jealous of my busy schedule. 

Goodnight sweet angels!
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xoxo, Shanna

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  1. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind! You are not alone by any means! I like your new name! :)


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