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My sweet baby boy sure does love him some mama, and mama sure does love her some baby boy!

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My how things have changed so much over the last few months.  Back in February the little man hardly said a word, and now I can’t believe some of the things he says or comes up with.  Almost everyday he catches me off guard with something.  And he has the cutest little voice, I love to hear him ask for something, and for him to say peas (please).  It puts the biggest smile on my face.

I just never thought my baby boy would grow up so fast.  Last year at this time, he still had baby features, and now he looks like a little boy.  I always get sentimental when I go through pictures, or clean out the closets.  I will sit in the middle of the room sometimes and cry, I’m sure it’s a combination of sadness and joy.  We are going to be going to the beach for our family vacation this year, and everyone is excited.  I was looking back at the first time we took the little man to the beach, and how little he was.  He had just learned to crawl.  It was such a wonderful time, going on our first family vacation.  But this will also be a first, with the little lady.

 my baby boy at a year old!  just too adorable, and still is!

The little man has been going to Bug Camp, and is having a blast.  He is making new friends, and doing what boys do, play with bugs.  He painted a beautiful butterfly last week, that we framed for him to give to sissy for her first birthday.  It was the perfect gift!

I was so excited about this gift...  Baby girl loves it!  And it looks great in her bedroom.

This little man of mine loves his sister...  He loves giving her hugs and kisses, and making sure she is okay.   He has also taught her how to get into everything, and then will turn around and tell on her, it's kinda funny at times...  And not only did the little man help out with the decorations and party favors for sissy's birthday, he also helped her open all her gifts.  He felt he needed to show her how it was done...  I have a feeling he is going to be very protective over his sissy.

I miss him so much when he isn’t here during the day, the house feels a little empty without him.  But he is having loads of fun, and I know at the end of the day this is good for him.  And as the day comes to a close, I get to spend it with him cuddled up on the couch, and I wouldn’t it any other way.

Goodnight sweet angels!
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xoxo, Shanna

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